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Metalab Bits

Metalab Bits
Metalab Bits
Metalab bits for English and Western horses. Shop our selection of Metalab bits from Metalab Pinchless snaffle bit, Metalab Short Shank bit, Metalab Correction bit and more.
Metalab® FG Short Shank Correction Bit
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Metalab Bits – English and Western Horse Bits

From the schooling ring to the show ring or competition area, Metalab bits will take you there.

Manufactured with quality stainless steel, sweet iron and copper, Metalab bits are popular with Western riders, barrel racers and show riders.

Metalab Short Shank Correction bit is in a swept back design with a ported mouthpiece. Copper inlays on the mouthpiece helps the horse accept the bit with its taste and ability to promote salivation.

The Metalab Floral Vine Low Port Correction bit is a beautiful shanked bit with a stainless steel and copper inlay low ported mouthpiece. The outside of the shank on this Metalab bit is beautifully detailed with a silver plate floral vine decoration is a great look, especially in the show ring.

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