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Muzzles, Cribbing & Vice Control

Is your horse engaging in destructive habits like cribbing or over-consumption of pasture? These grazing muzzles will help to curb this type of behavior.
Grazing Muzzles, Cribbing Collars & Vice Control for Horses
Grazing Muzzles, Cribbing Collars & Vice Control for Horses
Find the best horse grazing muzzles and cribbing collars at Schneiders. These equine vice control products are from brands such as Dura-Tech®, Merino®, Tough 1® and Best Friend®. We have the perfect muzzles, cuffs and sprays to curb destructive behavior.
Tough 1 Easy Breathe Deluxe Grazing Muzzle
$39.99 - $43.99
$28.99 - $39.99
Pomms™ Ear Plugs
DARE® Cribbing Control Collar
Schneider's Rope Twitch
Ultra® Chew Stop
Rap Last

Why to Get a Horse Grazing Muzzle or Collar

Crib biting — also known as cribbing — is when a horse grabs a solid object with its incisors, arches its neck and contracts their lower neck muscles to retract their larynx. This produces a sudden rush of air into the esophagus, causing a grunting noise unique to cribbing horses. This destructive habit is a major risk factor for colic as well as incisor wear.

Cribbing may be caused by boredom, stress or habit and frequently happens with horses that spend a lot of time in their stalls. It might also be due to discomfort caused by stomach acidity. Furthermore, there is evidence of a correlation between stomach ulcers and becoming a cribber.

Grazing muzzles and anti-cribbing collars are two common methods to control cribbing. A horse grazing muzzle is a webbed basket that fits over the lower half of the face. Horses can only bite and swallow grass blades that poke through the hole in a plastic plate at the bottom. A horse cribbing collar or strap goes around a horse’s jowl to prevent neck arching. This stops cribbing without affecting their ability to eat, drink and breathe.

The Best Grazing Muzzles & Cribbing Collars for Horses

We stock various styles of grazing muzzles and cribbing collars that can prevent cribbing as well as chewing and excessive grass intake. There are models from Dura-Tech® such as their smartly designed breakaway muzzle, which limits grazing but allows unlimited water. These devices are made to be comfortable for the horse as well as highly effective. We also have sheepskin noseband liners and collar covers for added comfort when used with a muzzle.

In addition to grazing collars and muzzles, we carry safe-to-use formulas that discourage horses from chewing. These solutions can be sprayed on anything your horse is prone to chewing, effectively curbing bad behavior through gentle means. Other products include kicking and pawing cuffs and chains. Use them in stalls and trailers to prevent horses from kicking, pawing and pacing. They're made from high-grade harness leather or nylon with stainless-steel hardware. Certain styles include plush fleece for greater comfort. We have been helping improve equine behavior since 1948 with our horse vice control collection.

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