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Neck Sweats – Throatlatch Sweats

Sculpting the perfect throatlatch and neckline is crucial to many disciplines. Defining the throatlatch accents your horse’s head while defining the neckline gives balance to your horse’s conformation. Sweating excess fat will also give your horse a very fit, sleek, and muscular appearance.

  • Neck sweats fit snug and secure to achieve the ultimate result
  • Adjustable to customize fit
  • Several styles of throatlatch & neck sweats
  • Designed to meet the needs of leading professional halter trainers

  • Shapes and defines jowl, throatlatch and neck effortlessly
  • The strongest tear resistant fabric lined with neoprene
  • Removable straps allow customized fit to achieve required snugness
  • Designed to cover from the poll, neck and the withers
  • Size: Horse
  • Color:  Beige
$119.99 $79.99
Dura-Tech® Superior Bonnet Sweat

Designed with the help of leading professionals to achieve impressive results quickly. This exclusive design is made of a 3mm stretchy neoprene that allows the sweat to be pulled tighter to conform to your horse.

$39.99 $24.99
AniMed™ Glycerine 32 oz.

Glycerine is an easy to use multi-purpose liquid that can help you sweat your horse’s legs and neck or soothe rough or scabby skin.


For many equine disciplines, it is vitally important that the horse has a well-defined throatlatch and neckline. It adds definition to the horse’s head while making the horse appear sleek and muscular. As a trainer, how can you do this? With a high-quality neck sweat or throatlatch sweat. These products encourage neck sweating to remove excess fat for enhanced fitness. They’re designed to fit securely and snugly, and are adjustable for just the right fit. Here you’ll find a variety of throatlatch wraps, neck sweats and other related products.

Dura-Tech Neck and Throatlatch Sweats

From Dura-Tech®, we have various styles of throatlatch wraps, throat sweats, neck sweats and other products that will give your horse a sleek, fit appearance. The most minimal of these include the throatlatch and narrow throat sweats. They’re designed for a snug yet comfortable fit, and there are models designed to be worn all day. Depending on the model, materials include machine washable cotton and polyester (with wool and fleece inner lining); stretchy, lightweight neoprene; insulated cotton flannel; flannel/neoprene; soft synthetic fleece and traditional wool. Most have Velcro™ flaps for a secure fit. The traditional wool style uses a leather strap closure. Most come in small or large (or yearling or full size). A few are available in different colors.

The throatlatch sweat is midrange in terms of coverage. It’s made from neoprene with Velcro straps, and is made for overnight use. Both Dura-Tech and SuperSweats™ have neck sweats, which shape and define jowl, throatlatch and neck areas. These sweats are designed to cover the poll, neck and withers. Both companies also offer full shoulder sweats, which cover neck, chest and shoulder, and both models include a Velcro surcingle’s (a strap that fastens around the horse’s girth).

We also carry a safe neck sweat product that is used underneath the neck sweat apparatus to further encourage sweating. Here’s to an even more beautiful, fit and healthy horse!