Pain Relief for Horses

Horse Supplements | Equine Pain Relief Supplements & More
Horse Supplements | Equine Pain Relief Supplements & More
Schneiders offers trusted supplements providing natural pain relief for horses suffering from aches, pains, tenderness and inflammation due to injury, disease, arthritis, overuse or any other common pain trigger.
Bute-Less Pellets 5 lbs
Kahm Equine CBD Hemp Pellets
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Green Coast Pet Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil for Horses
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Kahm Be-Cool Pro Paste 80cc Syringe
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Equine Omega Vitamin E
Kahm Equine Hemp Pellets 2lb
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Kahm Equine Hemp Pellets 1lb
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Kahm Human Tropical Gummies 300mg
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Find Natural Pain Relief for Horses

Without a doubt, horses are some of the hardest-working animals on the farm, constantly exercising their joints and muscles, often to the point of pain. Whether from horseplay or strenuous work, your horse can experience minor aches and pains as well as tender inflammation throughout her life. Alleviate pain and restore comfort quickly with these drug-free, natural pain relief supplements and miscellaneous supplements for horses from Schneiders.

Because horses are prey animals, they are naturally predisposed to hiding any signs of pain or discomfort. Owners must be aware of some common signs of pain to help ensure that their horses aren’t suffering. Signs include lameness, changes in behavior, teeth grinding, changes in posture, lying down more often than usual, decreased appetite and abnormal gait.

Palatable Equine Pain Relief Supplements

We have the right supplements to provide natural pain relief for horses suffering from a range of conditions. Fast, effective and palatable formulas target inflammation in a natural manner with little or no side effects (including gastric upset and other common side effects often associated with drugs such as bute). This selection from Schneiders also includes miscellaneous supplements to help improve your horse’s overall health and well-being.

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