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Pastern Wraps for Horses

Prevent abrasions and sores from interference with pastern wraps for horses.
Pastern Wraps for Horses
Pastern wraps are a type of horse wrap that helps to protect the pasterns, either front or back, from rubs and abrasions. Pastern wraps for horses are typically made from neoprene or foam and are a great way to keep your horse's pasterns healthy and safe from injury.

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Choosing the Best Pastern Wraps for your Horse

If you're a horse owner, you know there's nothing more important than keeping your horse healthy and comfortable. A small injury can quickly become a big problem, so it's important to be proactive about protecting your horse from potential sources of irritation or injury. That's where pastern wraps come in. Pastern wraps fit snugly around the pastern, creating a barrier between the horse's skin and anything that might irritate.

Pastern wraps for horses can also be used if bell boots rub the pastern while training or during turnout. Magnetic pastern wraps offer an additional benefit by increasing circulation and reducing inflammation and soreness. This can be especially helpful for horses with sesamoiditis, occelets, wind puffs, or other ankle problems. Whether you're looking for protection or relief, pastern wraps from Schneiders are worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pastern Wraps

What are pastern wraps used for?

Pastern wraps for horses are used for various reasons, including supporting the pastern and preventing injuries. They can also be used to help reduce swelling and inflammation after an injury has occurred. Pastern wraps are typically made of soft material and are applied around the horse's pastern. In addition to providing support, pastern wraps can help reduce friction and prevent rubs from bell boots.

Can you ride in pastern wraps?

Yes, you can ride in pastern wraps. Pastern wraps should be applied correctly to avoid injury and should be tight enough to stay in place but not so tight that they cut off circulation. Pastern wraps are inexpensive and an easy solution for keeping your horse's pasterns healthy.

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