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Pastern Wraps

Pastern Wraps
Pastern Wraps
Horse pastern wraps cover the pasterns, either front or back and help protect them from rubs and abrasions from interference or rubs from other types of horse boots. Shop pastern wraps in neoprene or foam from top brands like Professional’s Choice, EquiFit and more.
EquiFit® Pastern Wrap

The Pastern Wrap – Pastern Protection for the Horse

The horse’s pastern is sometimes rubbed in the process of training, turnout or sometimes even on stall rest where bedding can irritate the pasterns. If you need to protect your horse’s pastern from rubs, hits and abrasions a pastern wrap might help.

A horse pastern wrap fits around the pastern snugly creating a barrier between the horse’s skin and rubs or abrasions or sometimes even interference. Providing protection where other horse boots don’t reach, the pastern wrap can be extremely helpful.

Pastern wraps can also be used if bell boots rub the pastern while in use upon turnout and training.

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