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Polishes & Shines

Polish and Shines for Horses
Polish and Shines for Horses
Separate your horse from the troop with the finest equine polishes. These enhancers come in spray, polish, gel and chalk forms to give your horse that show-worthy shine. Schneiders has a low-price guarantee on premium polishes and shines for horses.
Cowboy Magic® Detangler™ & Shine
$22.99 - $42.99
5 Colors
Shapley's™ Touch Up Spray
10683_darkbrown.jpg image Shapley's™ Touch Up Spray
10683_white.jpg image Shapley's™ Touch Up Spray
10683_mediumbrown.jpg image Shapley's™ Touch Up Spray
10683_chestnut.jpg image Shapley's™ Touch Up Spray
10683_black.jpg image
Shapley's™ Touch Up Spray
Absorbine Show Sheen
$16.99 - $36.99
Ultra® Magic Detangler
$14.99 - $64.99
$9.99 - $44.99
3 Colors
Ultra® Grooming Chalk 3 Pack
31181_white.jpg image Ultra® Grooming Chalk 3 Pack
31181_chestnut.jpg image Ultra® Grooming Chalk 3 Pack
31181_black.jpg image
Ultra® Grooming Chalk 3 Pack
Ultra® Lazer Shine
$4.99 - $23.99
$4.99 - $19.99
Ultra® Face Highlighter
$7.99 - $16.99

Horse Hoof Polish and Other Touch-Up Supplies

Polishes and sprays enhance the look of your horse while protecting against future stains or dirt build-up. They are gentle on a horse’s hair, face and hooves while giving them that show sheen. There are many popular finishing products to get horses ready for the show ring:

Horse Coat Polish: Generate a radiant shine every time you bathe your horse. Horse coat polish is formulated to adhere to hair, forming a barrier that will repel stains for up to a week while keeping manes and tails tangle-free. It also repels dust and dirt to promote a healthy coat. Using it helps reduce grooming time with better results.

Horse Hoof Polishes: Give your horse’s hooves a mirror-like finish every time they hit the ground. Hoof polish dries quickly while sealing out moisture and preventing dirt or dust build-up. Like coat polishes, they last up to a week during normal activities. These polishes typically come in a clear or black finish.

Finishing Sprays: Give a horse that last-minute touch before entering the show ring. Finishing sprays, also known as touch-up sprays, add a high-gloss shine to accentuate your horse's muscular structure and enhancing their natural color. They are specially formulated to repel dust.

Highlighters: Go for a dramatic transformation before your next show. Highlighting around your horse's eyes, ears and nose adds stunning definition and depth.

The Best Equine Finishing Products

Winning means paying attention to every detail before entering the show ring. Create a lasting impression with an incredible combination of finishing sprays, highlighters and hoof polishes. Ultra® finishing products bring out the brightest shine for show day. Schneiders also carries enhancing polishes and shines from Absorbine®, Shapley’s™, EquiFUSE®, Cowboy Magic® and other top brands. Some also moisturize skin, detangle hair, protect against UV rays and more to make sure that show-winning look lasts. We’ve been setting a higher standard for horses and their owners since 1948.

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