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Pony Blanket & Pony Sheets

The same incredible quality, same incredible fit...only smaller in size.
Pony Blankets and Sheets
Pony Blankets and Sheets
Protect your pony from any climate with a pony blanket from Schneiders. Here at Schneiders, we are dedicated to helping keep your pony cozy in all weather conditions with our pony turnout blankets, pony winter blankets, and pony stable sheets. Choose from our large selection of pony blankets today to keep your pony comfortable no matter the season.
2 Colors
Dura-Tech Pony Fleece Contour Cooler
41100_black.jpg image Dura-Tech Pony Fleece Contour Cooler
41100_navy.jpg image
Dura-Tech Pony Fleece Contour Cooler
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The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 11 Reviews
2 Colors
Dura-Tech® VIKING Solid Pony Neck Cover
36562_purple.jpg image Dura-Tech® VIKING Solid Pony Neck Cover
36562_royal.jpg image
Dura-Tech® Viking Classic Euro 220g Medium Weight Pony Turnout Blanket Neck Cover
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The average rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars 32 Reviews

Choosing the Perfect Pony Blanket

Finding a pony blanket that is the right size, thickness, and style can be a challenge especially when your pony is between sizes. Here are some things to consider when you choose your next pony blanket:

Blanket Type
Choosing the right type of blanket for what you need is crucial. There are many different types of blankets that are used for different weather conditions, and it is important not to confuse them.

First, there are pony turnout blankets. These blankets are used in cold weather when your pony could get wet from snow, rain, or ice. These blankets are insulated and have a strong shell to protect your pony from cold winds. This pony blanket is the most popular type of all the pony winter blankets because it is effective at keeping the pony comfortable.

Next, there are pony turnout sheets or pony rain sheets which are similar to the pony turnout blankets but they are lighter and don’t have any filling. A pony turnout sheet protects from the rain and can be used in warmer weather. There are also pony stable sheets, which keep your pony warm while they are indoors. The blanket can be worn with a pony rain sheet to keep your pony protected outside. However, this pony blanket should not be worn on its own in extremely cold weather because it is not waterproof and lacks the shell that will shield your pony from the wind.

Pony Rain Sheets are another pony blanket that can be worn in the rain to keep them from getting wet. This can protect your pony from getting rain rot, or other skin problems. These should not be worn on their own in extremely cold weather. but can be used in spring and fall when rain could chill your pony and the wind and cold aren't as much of an issue.

Lastly, pony coolers are perfect for drying your pony after a long workout. These coolers are usually made of fleece or wool and wick the moisture off of their skin and keep them warm after a workout in chilly weather. These blankets should not be worn for long periods of time or outside in extremely cold weather.

Pony Blankets come in many different levels of thickness. Ponies who live in colder climates will need thicker blankets. While ponies working in warmer climates will need a thinner pony blanket. If you are only looking to only get one pony blanket, choose the thickness for the coldest days in your climate.

Making sure your pony blanket fits properly is another very important factor. Pay close attention to the sizing chart of the blanket you decide to buy. If you don't know the size of your pony, try measuring them or you can even try a friend's blanket. Buying a blanket that is too big or too small could cause discomfort for your pony.

Finally, you should pick a pony blanket that aligns with your personal style. Here at Schneiders, we offer a variety of colors and styles for you to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pony Blankets

How to measure a pony for a blanket? What size blanket does my pony need?

Have your pony stand square on a flat surface and measure them from chest to tail, measuring at the widest point of their shoulder and hind quarters. Whatever this measurement is in inches is your pony's blanket size. Check out our Blanket Fitting Page for more detailed information about how to measure your pony for a blanket.

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