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Insta-Hot Bathing

Insta-Hot Bathing
Insta-Hot Bathing
Use Insta-Hot® portable washing systems so you’ll always have hot water for your horse. Schneiders has the latest Insta-Hot heaters and carrying carts to bathe animals. We make it easy to get a portable hot water heater you can use anywhere.
Stress-Free bathing for you AND your horse
Insta-Hot® 2/Pro Cart by Easy-Up®
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Coil Water Hose with Nozzle
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Coil Water Hose with Nozzle
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Easy-Up® Basket for Insta-Hot® Cart
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Insta Hot® Rapid Freeze Fix
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Do More with a Portable Hot Water Heater

Cold horse bathes are an uncomfortable experience for both the horse and trainer. The Insta-Hot solves this problem with a portable water heating system you can use at the barn, in the field or on the road. Just connect a hose from the nearest water source and start the battery igniter on the propane tank.

Insta-Hot now makes two systems for horse owners:

Insta-Hot: The original portable hot water heater will instantly heat water up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit with a flow of up to 1.4 gallons per minute.

Insta-Hot 2: Their high-performance system can increase the water temperature up to 77 degrees with a maximum flow of 2.65 gallons per minute.

Easy-to-Use Water Heating Systems

Both the Insta-Hot and Insta-Hot 2 are easy to use with temperature and flow control knobs plus an automatic safety shut-off. They’re for more than just horse baths — use the Insta-Hot to wash other animals, clean your vehicles or de-ice buckets in the winter. Easy-Up® Insta-Hot carts and baskets allow you to wheel the heater across grass or gravel roads. You’ll find the latest horse washing systems at Schneiders with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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