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Find poultice for horses suffering from a range of ailments at Schneiders and enjoy free shipping on qualifying purchases. This soft, clay medium treats and prevents pain and swelling after a strenuous day of exercise.
Ultra® TheraBalm
$38.99 - $128.99
$29.99 - $80.99
Poultice Paper/Roll
Rebound Hoof Pack

Alleviate Pain and Inflammation with Poultice for Horses

Horse poultice is soft, pliable and moist medium typically made of bentonite (clay) as well as medicinal ingredients such as aloe vera and minerals. It’s applied to a horse’s legs to treat soreness and inflammation after strenuous performance, drawing out heat and fluid from the muscles to keep the legs cool and tight. It’s generally used on the horse’s lower legs, knees, hocks and to pack sore feet, but it can also be applied to areas of edema, swelling, infection, heat and abscess.

Employed as an effective method of alleviating inflammation in the legs, poultice can help treat achy tendons, ligaments and joints after the rigors of everyday training and performance. It’s also becoming increasingly more popular in preventing strain and overuse during training, and vets often recommend poultice for horses when treating abscesses on the hoof. Schneiders has an array of poultice options to suit your specific needs, no matter if your mission is proactive or retroactive.

The Most Trusted Poultice Brands

Schneiders only offers poultice from brands our team personally recommends, including Icetight®, Sore No More®, Lux®, Kaeco®, Draw it Out® and more. Many of these poultices are enhanced with extra ingredients to facilitate fast healing and pain relief. Epsom salt, witch hazel bark extract, aloe vera and various herbs are added to help draw heat and inflammation out of your horse’s tired feet and sore legs in a gentle but effective manner.

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