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ARMORFlex® Warrior VTEK® Fit Bellyband Turnouts
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ARMORFlex® Warrior VTEK® Fit Bellyband Turnouts view #1
  • ARMORFlex® Warrior VTEK® Fit Bellyband Turnouts view video
  • ARMORFlex® Warrior VTEK® Fit Bellyband Turnouts view #2
    ARMORFlex® Warrior VTEK® Fit Bellyband Turnouts view #3
    ARMORFlex® Warrior VTEK® Fit Bellyband Turnouts view #4
    ARMORFlex® Warrior VTEK® Fit Bellyband Turnouts view #5
    ARMORFlex® Warrior VTEK® Fit Bellyband Turnouts view #6
    ARMORFlex® Warrior VTEK® Fit Bellyband Turnouts view #7

    ARMORFlex® Warrior VTEK® Fit Bellyband Turnouts

    Blanket Blowout Sale! Prices dropping daily - get them before they're gone! Limited availability.

    The toughest waterproof turnout blanket in our ArmorFlex® line is made to withstand even the roughest of pasture play. Let our armor protect your horse in any weather.

    Also available in Tekno-Fleece®, which is designed to ensure your horse is comfortable and sweat-free in wavering temps

    These blankets were formerly known as StormShield® VTEK® Marathon Bellyband Turnouts

    If you're looking for a blanket with 15x more waterproofing then the competiton, Lifetime Warranty, and same great fit! Check out our ARMORFlex® Warrior VTEK® Fit Surcingle Turnouts.

    Learn More

    10 Year Warranty Ten Year Limited Warranty
    Hard Play Durability Can withstand even the hardest playing horses.
    VTEK® Patented design prevents rubbing and relieves wither pressure for horses with high withers; extends 6-8" onto the mane. Ideal for Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods & Appendix horses.
    Adjust-Fit® Patented Adjusta-Fit® system customizes neck opening to fit any horse width or head carriage providing maximum comfort.
    Reflective Strips 3M reflective patches and tail stripe for added visibility at dusk or for night turnout.
    Aridity Aridity™ Bamboo Charcoal inner layer wicks moisture away from the horse
    Style: Bellyband
    Item Options / Availability Quantity Price

    Heavyweight (380 gm)

    65% Off $349.99 $119.99

    Medium Weight (220 gm)

    71% Off $329.99 $94.99

    Lightweight (80 gm)

    71% Off $299.99 $84.99


    68% Off $299.99 $94.99
    Matching Accessories Options / Availability Quantity Price

    Neck Cover (220 gm)

    70% Off $119.99 $34.99
    Which turnout blanket is right for your horse?

    Features Include:

    • Fabric so durable we’re sure it can stand up to even the hardest of play
    • Patented VTEK® pressure free wither relief design extends 6-8" onto the mane
    • Adjusta-Fit® system offers adjustability around the neckline to fit any horse
    • Aridity™ Bamboo Charcoal inner layer wicks moisture away from the horse, keeping them more comfortable during temperature changes
    • Bellyband closure for greater warmth and coverage
    • Detachable elastic leg straps to prevent your blanket from turning
    • Enlarged tail cover acts as a better wind and rain barrier
    • Extended gussets with 3M reflective patches and tail stripe for added visibility at dusk or for night turnout
    • Double Snap front closure with hook and loop closure assist
    • 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon Outer / Choice of Insulation / Aridity™ Bamboo Charcoal Inner Layer / Nylon Lining
    • 10 Year Guarantee - Read Warranty
    • Sizes: 68, 70, 72, 74, 76, 78, 80, 82, 84, 86
    • Colors: Black/Royal, Silver/Navy, Green/Silver

    Great turnout


    Funny because I ordered this blanket (tekno fleece) then returned it thinking it would be too warm for my gelding. Well our Winter has turned cold, rainy & windy quickly so I ordered it again lol of course it was even cheaper than before with the blowout sale! Today when I put it on it fit perfectly and he appreciated the warmth!


    Redway Ca


    Fabulous blanket


    I have two of these heavy weight blankets and they are worth their weight in gold. They keep the horses warm (even through the polar vortex) and don't rub.




    I would buy this product again


    Everyday use. Nice blanket


    Winfield MO


    Great Quality


    I bought two of these blankets and was so pleased I bought two more. Now each of my horses have one and they fit so well. Really nice quality.


    Grenada, MS


    Impressive blanket at a great price


    Just purchased my first of these blankets and very impressed with quality of the fabric, construction & hardware. Top quality for a very reasonable price.


    Alberta, Canada


    Great blanket


    Great blanket. My horse tears up everything and so far this is holding up well. The belly band provides a good fit.

    Busy horse





    Great fit. Easy to put on.




    Great Blanket!


    I love these blankets. They hold up well and fit great.


    New Hampshire


    This is the best blanket ever!


    It's his go-to blanket all winter when temps are below freezing


    Laurel, MD

    Good blankets!


    Love that my horses have snagged their blankets but no tears! My main complaint would be leg straps that streached out and had to be tied up within a short time!


    Prineville Oregon



    4.8 724


    My mare is an extremely hard fit. She has gotten shoulder rubs in all the blankets and three different liners I've tried. Can the extended gusset and adjusta fit help it from touching the point of shoulder? Or do you have other blanket suggestions?


    Without seeing pictures of your horse I can only advise that the VTEK is designed to fit horses with a long, sloping shoulder such as Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods, and Appendix Quarter Horses. I personally own 3 horses and even with well-fitted blankets I have 1 that always has rubs on her shoulders and forearms and another with a rub across her withers. Both are hard sleepers and lay down frequently. They both wear our UltraFlex Shoulder Guards and that has prevented the rubbing from worsening.


    Can you provide cleaning instructions for the new warrior blanket 17125?


    We recommend washing your blanket in warm water with Schneider's Blanket wash or other mild, non-detergents soaps. Tumble dry on low to medium heat. Do not put in a hot dryer.


    How do you measure for the neck piece size?


    Size is typically determined by what size blanket your horse wears. The medium size fits horses with blanket sizes between 68-74, the large fits horses with blanket sizes between 76-80 and the X large neck covers fits horses with blanket sizes between 82-86.


    I live in Oregon. It rains daily which blanket would you recommend for rainy weather. Do you have a water resistant blanket?


    If it rains everyday, you would want a waterproof blanket. The ARMORflex Warrior blankets are waterproof and have a 10 year warranty. We have a full line of waterproof turnout blankets and sheets in a variety of fits and styles to best meet your needs. Our Customer Service staff is happy to answer any questions you have in order to get the perfect fitting blanket for your horse.


    What is the difference between an 80gram lightweight blanket and a Tekno-fleece blanket?


    The Tekno fleece blanket is the equivalent to about 180 grams of insulation. It's weight is considered to be between a lightweight and midweight.


    I love the idea of the bellyband, but I have a young gelding who turns out with other young geldings and they play rough! One in particular loves going for the surcingle straps on the sides and has now ripped all of them off my guy's current blanket. Do these straps on the bellyband lie pretty flush to the horse and hard to grab? Or am I better off sticking with the surcingle blanket & tightening it as much as I can get away with to make it difficult to grab.

    Tired of repairing blankets

    If your horse's pasture mate zeros in on the surcingle straps, you may be better off with the surcingle style blanket. While the bellyband provides a bit of extra coverage, the straps could be quite inviting. You do have a 10 year warranty on this blanket and it should hold up to rough horseplay.


    Hi, I love this blanket but I'm not sure it will work for horses that like to trash blankets.  The way its constructed with elastic for give produces a bit of a loop.This webbing loop of surcingle isn't flush with the blsnket. I think this would give them extra stuff to grab on to.  Hope this helps. Jen  


    The bellyband toggle hooks are up higher and have a short piece of doubled strap folded over them to keep the horse from rubbing them off. My horses don't mess with them. The straps themselves are stitched down.  If your mischievous one wants to, he could grab it but I would think this would be a better solution than regular surfing Lee straps that are loose under the horse. My big thoroughbred loves this blanket.  Sent from my iPhone


    Any reports of the bellyband getting urinated on by geldings? It looks so warm, but seems pretty far back.


    Yes it is a possibility. We would suggest going with the surcingle.

    Customer Service

    I have 6 geldings and use the light weight and heavyweight belly bands for all of them ( 2 of them are known to be more than a little sloppy with there man parts). I have never had an issue with any of them urinating on any of the belly bands. I keep them drawn up where they can't get a leg caught so they are not hanging way down, I can take both of my fist and put in between there belly and blanket.


    My horse is normally a 78 and I am just wondering if StormShield VTEK Merathon Bellybant Turnout Blanket are normally true to size or if it tends to run large or small. My horse has an attitude so it is difficult to measure him for a sure fit.


    This should be true to size. However sizes in other brands of blankets may vary so it is best if you could get him measured.

    Customer Service

    Does anyone have experience with this blanket being used by a horse who loves to stand in the pouring rain for hours? I am concerned that water will run down the blanket side and run under the belly band.


    Bellyabnd should be flush to the belly and not loose. This sides are long enough and roll under so the water should come down the side and run off but this is always a possible issue especially in windy blowing rains. We don't hear many complaints.

    Customer Service

    I can't figure out hoe to tighten the belly wrap on her blanket, iWhen I try, it seems to loosen? What am I doing wrong? Does anyone else have this problem?


    Feed the webbing through the sliders so that the sliders move closer to the bellyband piece, not the t-hook connections.

    Customer Service

    How to Measure for a Horse Blanket:

    How to Measure for a Horse Blanket
    • For best fit, stand horse squarely.
    • Measure from center of chest to edge of tail.
    • Take care to measure along the widest part of the shoulder and hindquarters.
    • The blanket measurement result is the blanket size.
    • If your measurement is in between sizes, round up to the next blanket size. Example: 73" = Size 74.
    How to Measure for a Horse Blanket Video
    Watch our Video on
    How to Measure for a Horse Blanket
    Do you have blanket questions? Call us at 1-800-365-1311 or email us at service@sstack.com

    Turnout Blanket Warmth and Temperature Guide

    Sheet (No Insulation)
    50°F - 65°F
    As Needed
    Lightweight (Tekno-Fleece, 80 gms.)
    40°F - 60°F
    30°F - 50°F+
    Midweight (220 gms.)
    35°F - 50°F
    30°F - 45°F
    Heavyweight (380 gms.)
    20°F - 40°F
    15°F - 30°F

    If you have any questions about this product, please contact us at 1-800-365-1311 or service@sstack.com

    Turnout Blanket Durability Guide
    Turnout Blanket Durability Guide
    Find your horse's perfect FIT with our Schneider's Horse Turnout Blanket Fit Guide
    Find your horse's perfect FIT with our Schneider's Horse Turnout Blanket Fit Guide
    Blanket Warranty
    About Aridity™
    About Aridity™

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