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Billy Royal® Classic Work Saddle
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Billy Royal® Classic Work Saddle view #1
  • Billy Royal® Classic Work Saddle view video
  • Billy Royal® Classic Work Saddle

    Item # 10028
    Keeping in stride with Billy Royal’s long standing tradition of handcrafted Western tack, the Classic Work saddle is an outstanding example of incredible balance, quality and workmanship. All Billy Royal® saddles are crafted with the finest hand selected hides, on our own custom made wooden trees that have been modified to fit today’s modern conformations, from Arabians to Quarter Horses.

    Each saddle is made from hand selected hides, using our own custom wooden, rawhide wrapped trees. Comfortable, generously hand padded/shaped seat has a narrower twist. Close contact cutout offers incredible feel. In skirt rigging, natural rawhide wrapped stirrups, leather tie strap and off billet and heavy duty stainless steel rings.

    In keeping with the trends of today, upgraded features include pre-turned Flex Fenders, lined skirts and fenders, attached stirrup hobbles and the Easy Change fender adjustment.

    • Sizes: 15 ½, 16 or 17
    • Skirt: 28 ½ with a 16” drop
    • Gullet: 7 ½”
    • Weight: 33 lbs.
    Item Options / Availability Quantity Price

    Billy Royal® Classic Work Saddle Size Chart

    Size Bars Skirt Weight
    If you have any questions about this product or a type of fit, please contact us at 1-800-365-1311 or service@sstack.com
    15 1/2" Full Quarter Horse 28 1/2" x 14 1/2" 33 lbs.
    16" Full Quarter Horse 28 1/2" x 14 1/2" 33 lbs.

    $1,999.99 $1,399.00
    Best Seller Free Shipping!
    Billy Royal® Classic Work Saddle
    Billy Royal® Classic Work Saddle

    I would buy this again


    this is an amazing saddle it is super comfortable - I have a bad back and I was not hurting after a long ride in this saddle! the stirrups are very comfortable and feel like they have been broken in for years - would buy this saddle again


    Angora, MN

    Very comfortable!


    Love this saddle! The pre-turned stirrup fenders make for a comfy ride right out of the box.


    Western Mass

    Love this saddle!


    I *love* this saddle! The first time I sat in it, it felt like sitting on a couch. I could ride in it all day. The stirrups were not bad to break in for a new saddle. I twisted them overnight one time and since then the stirrups are perfect. It fits my mare nice and sits evenly. The only issue is that it is heavy. I would have sprung the extra money for the lighter Billy Royal training saddle. Overall this is an amazing training saddle and I highly recommend it! I am so surprised by the quality and has me wanting to get a Billy Royal for my next show saddle.


    North Carolina


    Didn't had to break it in!


    I love this saddle!! First time I rode in it it felt great, loved that I didn't have to spend time turning the stirrups. so easy to adjust the stirrup length as well. Can't say enough about this saddle.

    Lauren T

    Hookstown, PA


    Already In Love


    I just used my saddle for the first time today and absolutely love it! It fits my 17 hand horse perfectly! Sitting in the saddle gives a nice grip while riding around. Would recommend this saddle to anyone who never had a western work saddle before!


    Phoenix, AZ


    Great saddle


    Bought this saddle for starting out youngsters. Comfy, Good fit, good quality for the price.

    Maine rider

    Warren, ME


    Beyond expectations


    We have struggled to find a good work saddle. The struggle is OVER! I pulled this saddle out of the box and rode in it within in an hour. The quality is awesome. The seat is comfortable and the leather is thick and supple. Cannot say enough about this Billy Royal saddle.


    Seaford, DE


    Love the saddle! I would purchase again.


    Great saddle for the cost. Like better than my Harris!




    Totally pleased with this saddle!


    First, I really appreciated the reviews of others on this saddle. The detailed good reviews helped me in my decision. I have ridden in a dressage saddle for years, but with a new horse wanted to try him in a western saddle. In times I have ridden in someone else's western saddle, I found the stirrups problematic placement-wise. NOT with this saddle, I am very pleased with the stirrup placement, the seat, and cool features on the stirrups. And for other short-legged folks, the stirrups work for me in that area too. Seriously, just a hugely comfortable western saddle.

    bob pony

    columbia, sc


    Greatest saddle I have ever ridden in!


    I have ridden and shown multiple breeds in multiple disciplines over the years. This is my go to saddle for work, training, and trail riding. Comfortable and a great fit! The rough leather holds your seat and leg effortlessly.

    Abe's mom

    Grand Rapids, MI


    Billy Royal® Classic Work Saddle

    5.0 26


    Does the new style fender stay down and not start to curl up?


    The new fender breaks in easily and lessens pressure on the ankle. We have not any issues with the fenders 'curling'.


    I bought the Supreme Champion show saddle (LOVE IT) and want to get a working saddle that fits and rides the same. Is this saddle made the same or do you have a suggestion for another one that is?


    Hi Amy! Our merchants recommend the Billy Royal Pro Work Saddle for a fit most similar to the Supreme Champion Show Saddle. It can be viewed here: https://www.sstack.com/Best-Sellers-2019/Billy-Royal-Pro-Work-Saddle-30866C/


    Is there a huge advantage to the Billy Royal pro work saddle versus this one? Wondering if the pro is worth the extra money or if this one would be sufficient?

    Morgan Horse Girl

    The Pro Work saddle has lined fenders and skirting giving it a more finished, professional look. The rings are a bit smaller and the stirrups are roughout as well. The Classic has an in-skirt rigging while the Pro has the in-tree rigging.


    Is the seat measured to the stitching of the padding? I'm wondering if I should get the 16" or 17" I am 5'9 and 205 lbs.


    We measure our saddle seats from the pommel to where the suede padding starts at the cantle (about an inch before the leather on the cantle). This saddle has a little deeper seat and 16" seats are the norm. It all depends on how much room you like.


    Is this saddle made with full quarter horse bars?


    Yes it seems to be. I love the saddle.


    This saddle has a full bar. Actual gullet width is 6.75 and the measurement from concho to concho (about 2" lower) is 7.50 inches.


    I weigh around 117 pounds and I am 5'3''. I'm debating whether to get the 15.5" or the 16". Which do you think would fit better for me?


    Hello! I bought this same saddle in a 16" and I am 5'8 and weigh more than 117 lbs. LOL! In all seriousness I believe you would be more comfortable in the 15.5 inch. This saddle is amazing, you will not regret this purchase!


    I am about 5'3 and 125 lbs.  I would say the the 15.5".  I'm a few lbs (and age 57) more, and that size totally works for me.  I feel like the 16 would be a little large.  Hope this helps.




    I would think you would need a 15.5" seat.


    for sure the 15.5 actually a 15 would be better.


    Hi, What size is the gullet? Also where is Billy Royal manufactured? Thank you,


    The gullet is 7 1/2" and Billy Royal is made by our master saddler in Mexico.

    Customer Service

    Billy Royal® Classic Work Saddle Size Chart

    Size Bars Skirt Weight
    If you have any questions about this product or a type of fit, please contact us at 1-800-365-1311 or service@sstack.com
    15 1/2" Full Quarter Horse 28 1/2" x 14 1/2" 33 lbs.
    16" Full Quarter Horse 28 1/2" x 14 1/2" 33 lbs.

    Q:  Will this saddle fit my horse?
    A:  Billy Royal saddles have a custom tree that has been modified to fit the majority of breeds, from Arabians to QH’s. All saddles are guaranteed to fit you and your horse or return it at our expense.

    Q:  What kind of tree does a Billy Royal saddle have?
    A:  Billy Royal saddle have wooden trees that are rawhide wrapped best fitting tree. They are custom designed to fit the modern conformations of today’s horses. All of the Billy Royal saddle trees have a lifetime warranty.

    Q:  Will these saddles fit a draft?
    A:  Draft breeds typically need an extra wide gullet (Full QH bar or better). Billy Royal saddles have a wide gullet.

    Q:  Does the Billy Royal saddle have a full bar?
    A:  Yes, the bars in the Billy Royal saddles are considered full and will fit Quarter Horses, Arabians, Appaloosas, Paints and POA’s.

    Q:  Where are the trees for Billy Royal saddles made?
    A:  The trees were designed by Schneider’s and are made in Mexico.

    Q:  Where do I measure for the gullet to see if it fits my horse?
    A:  The gullet is measured where the pommel meets the skirt. The gullet measurement is taken on the outside edges going across that area.

    Q:  Does the gullet width have anything to do with the bars?
    A:  No.

    Q:  What are saddle bars?
    A:  The bars are the actual angles of each of the long internal pieces of the tree that go along the horses back. The function of the bar is to distribute the weight of the saddle evenly across the back of the horse.

    Q:  Where are the saddles made?
    A:  All Billy Royal saddles are made in Mexico.

    Q:  What is ralide?
    A:  Ralide trees are formed from molded polyethylene. Ralide trees are formed in a single unit with no seams or separate pieces that can come loose. Most ralide trees have a 5 year warranty.

    Q:  How short will the stirrups go?
    A:  Typically, if the rider has a 28” inseam, the saddles should fit nicely.

    Q:  Can I order shorter fenders?
    A:  We don’t encourage it since the fenders will not match the saddle and the lead time is around 6 months.

    Q:  What kind of silver is on the show saddles?
    A:  The silver on all show saddles is sterling silver plate and all silver is hand engraved.

    Q:  What is the difference between the 3 work saddles?
    A:  The Classic Work saddle is a basic work saddle that has all the bells and whistles of the Billy Royal brand. This is our #1 seller. The Comfort Classic work saddle had oiled leather and feels broke in right away. The Pro Work saddle has finished, fully lined fenders and seat jockey to provide greater durability and comfort for you and your horse. It has double bound/layered cantle.

    Q:  How do I clean roughout saddles?
    A:  Roughout saddles are maintenance free. If the saddle is dusty or muddy, simply take a brush to remove the dust and mud.

    Q:  How do I take care of the silver?
    A:  Sterling Silver plate requires the same cleaning as Sterling Silver. We recommend Haggerty’s Silver product or Goddard Silver products.

    Q:  My silver has turned yellow. Is it defective?
    A:  No. There is a thin coating of lacquer applied to the silver trim to keep the saddle free of tarnishing agents. As it ages, it needs to be removed. It will take a little elbow grease with Haggerty’s or Goddard’s silver products, but will clean up beautifully and maintain a bright shine.

    Q:  What is the difference between extended purchase and a lease?
    A:  A lease can be taken for a term of either 1 or 2 years and can be purchased at the end of the term or returned to us. Extended purchases allow you to take payments for a term of up to 3 years in which you own the saddle at the end of the term.

    Q:  What are the interest rates of the extended purchase terms?
    A:  1 year is at 12.9%, 2 years is at 13.9% and the full 3 years is at 14.9%

    Q:  What saddles can be financed?
    A:  Any saddle or therapy product over 500.00 can be financed.

    Silver Care
    Your silver should be wiped down after each use and polished on a regular basis to keep its beautiful high gloss shine. It is important to wipe down any silver, such as Romel reins, that come in direct contact with the horse’s body, to eliminate the buildup of dirt and sweat. We highly recommend Schneider’s Silver sleeves to be used between use. The Silver Sleeves are infused with an anti-tarnishing agent and are simply wrapped around the silver pieces. Any brand of silver polish or spray can be used for routine cleaning.