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Easy-Up® Titan Stall Gate with Yoke - 52" Wide
25328.a.zoom.jpg : 3
Easy-Up® Titan Stall Gate with Yoke - 52" Wide view #1
  • Easy-Up® Titan Stall Gate with Yoke - 52" Wide view video
  • Easy-Up® Titan Stall Gate with Yoke - 52" Wide view #2
    Easy-Up® Titan Stall Gate with Yoke - 52" Wide view #3
    Easy-Up® Titan Stall Gate with Yoke - 52" Wide view #4
    Easy-Up® Titan Stall Gate with Yoke - 52" Wide view #5

    Easy-Up® Titan Stall Gate with Yoke - 52" Wide

    Item # 25328

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    The strongest stall gate in the industry! Other stall gates on the market are no match to the heavy duty construction while offering a deep yoke for your horse's comfort.

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    $319.99 $219.99
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       $199.99 ea.
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    Features Include:

    • Anxious horses may benefit from this style of stall gate due to the additional airiness and ability to look out of the stall with the roomy and deep yoke allowing your horse to hang their head comfortably over the gate
    • Built for durability, the heavy 1" steel frame is combined with 5/16" bars to make up the inside structure of the gate, and heavy duty 1” square stock, guarantees it not to bow or break
    • This gate is designed to rest against the inside post of the stall for added strength, along with four 1” channel bar inserts to reinforce the center structure. These design features offer additional support for horses that push, rub, and rest against their stall gates
    • Heavy duty hinges keep the gate from sagging over time, designed to swing as either a left or right sided gate
    • Fits most standard width stall doorways
    • Backed by an industry leading two-year warranty
    • Some assembly required. Click here to download assembly instructions.
    • Includes: stainless steel fastening screws, ¼” solid steel gate attaching pins, heavy duty steel hinge mounting plate 2 ½” W x 4” L, washers and 2 ½” long lag bolts for attachment to the wall
    • Measures: Width 52”, Height 42”
    • Weight 50 lbs.
    • Color: Gray armor finish in a tough, rust-resistant coating

    Product arrived in terrible condition


    I contacted Schneiders about this product after it arrived, and received no response. The gate had to be repaired after it was damaged in shipping. I paid a huge shipping charge, and received no adjustment from Schneiders.




    stall gate


    This is absolutely the best gait you could ever buy. It is built like a tank. No horse will ever bend it. Wonderful.




    I would recommend this item.


    I bought two stall guards to test them out on my barn with different horses and I was so pleased with them and the company that I bought eight more. I had a problem with one door in the middle connection and the company replaced it quickly with no charge to me. They were friendly, efficient and accommodating.


    Lakeside, Ca


    I would buy this gate again. It is easy to install.


    It's easy to install, and you can adjust the height so it will be good for both minis and drafts. It is sturdy and looks great.


    Rockville, VA


    Absolutely fabulous..........with two recommendations :)


    I recently ordered 7 of these gates for my new barn. Delivery was prompt and the gates arrived in great shape. The are very easy to install and look great. I would have given 4.5 stars had it been an option. Two very slight criticisms I will offer: 1) I received absolutely no communication about delivery once I placed the order and paid for the item. Let me rephase: I received an email confirming my order, but after receiving nothing about shipping for 7 days, I called Schneiders and spent time talking to their customer service trying to figure out where my stall doors were. Turned out they shipped that same day. I received them 3 days later. If they had sent me an email with a tracking number, it would have been more efficient for both of us. 2) There is not a latching mechanism for these gates. You are left to try and figure it out best you can. Now, depending on how you mount the gates will determine how they get latched, but at least offering different products to allow us to complete the project instead of floundering around looking for a safe and logical solution would be more efficient and less frustrating in the end. Because there was not a latch option included, has delayed my ability to utilize these stall doors until we figure out the safest way to contain our horses and maximize the utility of the gates. I am very, very happy with the product and the company!


    Lula, GA


    Great purchase


    Well constructed, easy to put up. Box was destroyed upon arrival but gate/Hardware was intact. Purchased for a mini but sturdy enough for the biggest of horses. Great purchase.

    Barn Mngt

    North Florida


    Product is Perfect


    The product arrived assembled and ready to install. Assembly was easy. The gate is very sturdy.


    Southampton, NJ


    Great Addition to my Barn


    These are so much nice than using stall guards that need to be unsnapped to enter and exit. Nice quality and should last a long time.

    Cool Lady

    Cool, CA


    Two more, please!


    These stall gates are great! We love them, and so do the horses. We'll be purchasing two more.




    I would definitely buy again.


    First thing we've found to stop our escape artist from getting out of his stall and creating havoc in the barn. Strong, easy up. Looks good to.


    Saline, MI


    Easy-Up® Titan Stall Gate with Yoke

    4.6 22


    There appears to be a large open space under the gate. If a horse lays down in their stall, what prevents them from getting part of their body under the gate?


    Gates are great method of letting horses seeing what's going on in the barn while keeping them safely and securely in their stall. If hung at the proper height, most horses can't crawl out under the gate or get hung up under the gate.


    Does this come in 48" width?


    This gate is 52 inches wide. It doesn't come in a narrower width at this time.


    I'd like to better understand the center joint strength. The assembly illustration shows a three sided channel joining the two halves. The product description has "5/16 Center rods and 1" center steel bar run through gate for added strength". Could I see a picture of an actual gate unassembled? Or an explanation of which design is present. Thanks


    The gate come in two pieces and the three sided channel is inserted into the slots and screwed into place with the provided hardware. The gate is reinforced with vertical 5/16" steel rods between the square steel tubing for extra strength. With the overlap of the three sided channel, the center is reinforced and will not bow from pressure.


    exactly what does the warranty cover


    I am not sure but my Dutch 16.2 horse has tried to kill the gate and has been unsuccessful  Sent from my iPhone


    This gate is tough and should not bend, bow or break. Any type of manufacturing defect is covered as well.


    Is there a suggestion for mounting the gate where there is not a solid wall perpendicular to the stall door? I have an oversized stall where the stall door is in the middle of the stall and I am wondering if it can be bolted to the steel door frame of the stall door somehow flush since it has a 180 degree span?


    So sorry but I can't answer your question. My stall gate was attached to wood.


    You will have to drill bolt holes but gate swings all the way as long as it is not too wide a door frame. Bolting holder is about 3 1/2 inches wide. Extreme sturdy as my 16.2 warmblood can't hurt it and he has tried. Sent from my iPhone


    It can be mounted to any secure framework. You would have to drill holes in the steel frame and allow enough clearance from the door frame when mounting to allow the gate to fully open.


    How high from the ground do you hang the gate?


    The height you hang the gate at all depends on how tall your horse is. We suggest hanging the gate at chest height of the horse.

    Customer Service

    Gate was hung about 28 inches from the ground for 16.1 hand horse. Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


    Hi Cher, It depends on how tall your horse is. Judge it by the "U" opening for the horse's neck. You don't want it too low whereby your horse's chest will be in front of the opening. You also don't want it to be too high whereby it will be mid-way up your horse's neck. Good luck, Barbara


    Is latch hardware included? Or only the hinges?


    Yes it does come with the hardware and hinges.

    Customer Service

    Just himges Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S® 6, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone


    The hardware is included but the bolts provided aren't the best quality. I had 4 break while installing the door. I pre-drilled holes and still have bolts snap. Even when I tried hand tightening.


    I know the gate is 1 inch pipe and 5/16 rods. What is the thickness of the steel in the 1 inch tubing?


    Steel thickness in between 1/8" and 1/16" As close as we can measure with calipers it is 5/64"

    Customer Service

    How thick is the steel? I have large horses and the 14 guage steel has a hard time with the horses leaning up to them. Please email me the answer as well.


    Heavy duty 1" carbon steel formed into a square tubular frame 5/16 Center rods and 1" center steel bar run through gate for added strength

    Customer Service

    Does the hardware allow the gates to completely open 180 degrees to store flat against the aisle wall when open?


    Most stall gates open inwards but yes this could open out and 180 Degrees, as long as the hinges were mounted in the appropriate place.

    Customer Service

    Easy-Up Titan Stall Gate
    Easy-Up Titan Stall Gate