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Equine Omega Complete
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    Equine Omega Complete

    Item # 24593
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    Equine Mega Gain 128oz


    Pump For Gallon Containers

    37% Off $7.99 $4.99

    Features Include:

    • Read Customer Testimonials
    • The most comprehensive supplement to support optimal equine health
    • Comprised of only organic or naturally produced human grade ingredients
    • Soybean oil, deep water fish oil and the tightest ratio of Omega 3’s to Omega 6’s
    • Promotes and maintains optimal health of each and every system of the body
    • Reduces joint and tissue inflammation and builds strong, healthy hooves
    • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression  and helps regulate insulin production
    • Increases oxygen/blood flow to boost stamina and block lactic acid build up
    • Builds bone density and promotes proper cell development and function
    • 1 gallon container (pump not included)

    The best Omega 3/6 support for my 34 year young Palomino!


    Our horses hair had become thick, shiny & soft with Omega Complete.

    Circle MW

    Elverta, Ca


    This stuff is amazing!


    This stuff is liquid gold! My trainer suggested it and my mare became a whole new level of shiny. Her tail is coming in thicker too. She is gaining weight and calming down very nicely. It is a little pricey but worth every penny!


    Fayetteville, NC


    Creates an amazing topline !


    So, I hoped to eliminate stomach soothers and arthritis supplements ......while I'm still not sure about that- she looks AMAZING ! Super shiny haircoat and a look of a "halter" horse, with muscle "in all the right places" ..........I just can't take her off of it when she looks this amazing !


    Harleysville PA


    Great Supplement






    So far really good!


    Adding 2 squirts per a.m. and p.m. feed as a top dressing. My beautiful 15 year old OTTB mare is going smooth as cream.

    Dr. Val

    Ohio the Heart of it All!


    Love this product & Mega Sweat too.


    Have seen improvement in my horses overall condition and in his movement..my dogs also love licking bowls clean.


    Argyle, Texas


    Really wanted our horse on Equine Omega Complete but.....


    Our horse, who eats just about anything refused Equine Omega Complete. We were shocked. Recommend getting a sample size to make sure your horse will take it before paying shipping on a gallon.




    Been using omega products a month my horse is getting more s


    Pour over grain daily

    Hayden the rider


    Outstanding product


    Used as a supplement daily in feed to help with Shiney Coat!


    Columbia, SC


    Good stuff


    Product works


    Cumming, GA


    Equine Omega Complete

    4.9 96


    I have a 2 yr old reg App filly.She is recently just started under saddle. I lunge her or jog her in roundpen, then ride her,just walking,4-5 days a week.Her roundpen, lunging sessions are at least 20 min.of jogging.How much should I b giving her??


    The dosage is not based on activity levels so you can follow the feeding directions on the label.


    My show/pleasure/trail gelding has been confirmed N/PSSM1 and also P2/P2. Tweaking his diet to help both these muscle disorders has been quite the challenge and from what I understand will be alot of trial and error. ALOT of what I'm seeing in this supplement looks beneficial for both of his conditions. Except I've heard some P1's/P2's can't handle soy. Anyone out there using this supplement on a P1 and/or P2 horse?


    It is always best to check with your veterinarian who is familiar with your horse.


    For those of you who have performance horses, do you find this product works well enough by itself to not use extra joint/hoof/muscle supplements? Would love to hear responses, especially if you have a reining horse.


    The Customer Reviews for EOC are wonderful. Horse owners at all levels are pleased with the results in hoof condition, coat and skin condition, weight maintenance and overall mood and well-being. Many say their horses are calmer, lessening the risk of ulcers.


    My experience with EOC is a super shiny hair coat. My horses have Good hooves so unsure if it helps or not there. As far as muscles I've never found a knot in my horses muscles so I assume the lactic acid is not building up. Thank you! Laura Adkin


    This is the only supplement t Ibuse for my show horse!  It keeps her coat really slick as well - I highly recommend it


    Has anyone fed EOC with a feed through bug supplement such as bug? Any conflicts in feeding this together? I have a mule that has a bug sensitivity. Thanks


    Sent from my iPhone We used Omega weight gain not the complete. I have never used a feed through bug supp..personally wouldn't do together maybe rotate. 


      I don't think there would be a conflict BUT I DO NOT KNOW.  I would ask your equine/mule veterinarian. FYI, the EOC has made a noticeable improvement in inflammatory response to bug bites and decreased dryness in skin on my 27 year old standardbred mare. 


    I have fed this to a hyper sensitive molly mule and it didn't cause her to have any issues, mixed it with mare magic and grain.  Sent from my iPhone


    Even though Equine Omega Complete is organic and natural, it is always best to consult your veterinarian.


    Does this product contain iron or any compound with iron?


    Sent from my iPhone Yes, according to the label a 4 oz serving has .17 mg of iron. 


    Can it be used for horses on pasture?


    I have been using Equine Omega Complete for about a month and a half.  Since it is winter I don't see the glow of the coat yet but I can tell a positive difference in my horses attitude.  He will resume training in a few days so I started him ahead of time on the loading dose and hope to see joint improvement during training and showing because of using the product.  Below is the website for the product which has a lot of information.  Also below is the email address for Kathleen at the company.  I asked her a question and she responded by the next day when I looked at my email.  Kathleen is a very good resource for any questions you might have. http://www.o3animalhealth.com/index.html mailto:****@***.***


    Yes--I have given it to my yearling both with summer pasture and with grass/alfalfa feedings in winter. Excellent product! Sent from my iPhone


    Yes. Definitely! It's not just for performance horses. It has some joint support, digestive support, and other vitamins/minerals etc. that's good for any horse. Sent from Windows Mail Sent: ‎Wednesday‎, ‎March‎ ‎15‎, ‎2017 ‎1‎:‎58‎ ‎PM


    Should be fine. Although I only use with a show horse in the stall all the time, it would be fine with any, in the pasture, or in the stall. I use Omega Complete for a older show horse, to help in joint health, but also it helps in his coat. It's like any other joint and/or coat/hoof supplement, normally I mixed the recommended dose in their feed, to ensure they get it. Hope this helps.


    Yes, Equine Omega Complete is a great overall supplement for all horses. Horses on or off pasture can benefit from this product.

    Customer Service

    How does this compare to something like Smartpak's Smart Combo Ultra or Platinum Performance?


    I started my 18 year old gelding on this last fall. He gets 2 pumps am and 2 pumps pm. I believe it takes awhile to build up on their systems before you start seeing full benefit. This month he has been working better and has a much better attitude under saddle. He also gets Platinum Performance CJ, 1 scoop per day. I don't know how it would compare as a full replacement for the Platinum. He does well better with them together. I tried Smart Combo Ultra and saw zero change or results. I am really happy with how this product is working with him, and will keep him on it as long as I see those positive changes. Sent from my iPhone


    We recommend you contact the manufacturer, O3Animal Health, directly so they can fully explain, in detail, the differences between these two products.

    Customer Service

    Is this supplement added to grain. Currently feeding essential K. Can it be added to that?

    Need to know

    Yes, I add it to grain.


    Yes, it can be added to grain. My mare would eat around other supplements. She does better with this since it is a liquid. I would definitely recommend it. Sent from Windows Mail Sent: ‎Tuesday‎, ‎January‎ ‎17‎, ‎2017 ‎5‎:‎15‎ ‎PM


    I squirt it directly on grain. Don't know about Essential K.


    I add it to my 4 horses grain, they love it, have not used essential K though. Sent from Windows Mail Sent: ?Tuesday?, ?January? ?17?, ?2017 ?4?:?15? ?PM


    Yes You add it to train right before feeding it to your horse :)


    We squirt it over our grain then "swirl" real simple. We feed tribute Sent from my iPhone


    Yes, I just put 2 squirts on once a day for my horse. Sent from my iPad


    Yes just put right on the grain.

    Customer Service

    I add it to grain Sent from my iPhone


    No selenium in this?


    According to the product label, which I double-checked before replying, there is no selenium.   I originally purchased this product for my Standardbred gelding, who is currently recovering from a serious fetlock issue. I chose this product because it contains an optimal combination of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which play a key role in joint health. As an added bonus, my boy has a wonderful shiny coat (it actually deepened a shade or two after being on the product for about a month) and he has great feet as well.   Equine Omega Complete is well worth the price, and I highly recommend it.    


    No, there is no selenium in this product.

    Customer Service

    What is the numerical ratio of Omega 3 and omega 6? I'm interested in these 2 values since these are the only 2 that are essential. Thank you !


    The numerical ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 is 3:1.

    Customer Service

    Equine Omega Complete
    Equine Omega Complete

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