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Merino Sheepskin Noseband Liner - Horse
36408.a.zoom.jpg : 3
Merino Sheepskin Noseband Liner - Horse view #1
Merino Sheepskin Noseband Liner - Horse view #2
Merino Sheepskin Noseband Liner - Horse view #3
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36408.bn.a.zoom.jpg : 4
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Merino Sheepskin Noseband Liner - Horse

Item # 36408
  • Eliminate rubbing in the sensitive areas when wearing a muzzle
  • Sized to fit the average horse size Best Friends Grazing Muzzles
  • Attaches with hook and loop fasteners through muzzle slots
  • Each noseband is hand traced and cut from 100% merino sheepskin
  • Super soft, dense 1” thick wool pile keeps horses comfortable
  • Natural leather backing keeps noseband in place
  • Color:  Black, brown, or tan
  • Made in the USA
Item Options / Availability Quantity Price
$22.99 $17.99
Matching Accessories Options / Availability Quantity Price

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$49.99 $34.99

Mattes Melp 500ml


Best Friend™ Grazing Muzzle Complete with Adjustable Halter

$59.99 $44.99

Best Friend™ Grazing Muzzle

$49.99 $39.99


  • Comfortable
  • soft, 1" thick wool pile
  • Insulates
  • from winter chill and summer heat
  • Flame Resistant
  • Merino Sheepskin passed
  • U.S. flammability tests; rates
  • D.N.I. (Does Not Ignite) #L-333 CERT
Four-time winner and ranked #1 best sheepskin in consumer comparison reviews! Proudly made in the USA McNeal, AZ

Why Merino Sheepskin?

Merino Sheep represent THE BEST in selective breeding. Prized for their fine, soft wool, since the 17th century, it demands a high price on the market. A Merino Sheepskin pelt has over 50,000 follicles per square inch, making it PLUSH AND THICK - PERFECT FOR PADS OR CUSHION USE! (Merino fiber is so fine in diameter that it would take 5 wool strands to equal the width of 1 human hair.) Wool provides excellent insulation. It absorbs up to 30% its weight in moisture. In warm weather air circulates around the moist fibers to cool you through evaporation. In cold weather wool absorbs your body’s heat and holds it in to keep you warm.

TO CLEAN: Machine or hand wash gentle; mild soap, cool water; air dry out of sun; no heat. Brush or vacuum wool pile to keep fluffy and soft.

This is a natural product of real wool-on-leather sheepskin. Any differences in color, shading, texture, or slight imperfections are considered normal and should not affect the use of this product.

Four-time winner and ranked #1 best sheepskin in consumer comparison reviews! Proudly made in the USA McNeal, AZ

Very nice fleece cover


I purchased this to protect my mini's nose while wearing his grazing muzzle. It is very plush and lovely quality. I cut it down a little to fit his mini size, and it works great.


Whidbey Island, WA


A good product


It serves its purpose in protecting the nose and jaw from pressure sores or raw spots caused by a grazing muzzle. My horse wears the muzzle 9 hours daily out in the pasture. The bulk of the Merino wool resulted in moving up to a larger size muzzle. Otherwise, no problem or complaint.

Happy horse owner

East central Illinois


Works great!


I use this on both of my mares cribbing and grazing muzzles. Bought two. The velcro is long and sturdy, the sheepskin is high quality. It comes in a lot of color choices, too. Good product.


South Central PA


I would buy this product again!


I found this noseband liner at Schneiders when I needed it most - my newly acquired horse hadn't seen so much grass in her new field, and I was worried about the negative impacts of too much of a good thing. The muzzle concept is great - but the wear on her face even with some padding built into the muzzle itself was worrisome. This liner fit perfectly (on a Shires muzzle that it wasn't intended to fit) and helped keep the muzzle time tolerable. I would definitely recommend this product - and will buy again if needed.

Zelda's Mom

Columbia, MD


Recommend this product


Use this product over top of the grazing muzzle, easy on easy off to wash, prevents any rubbing on thier nose


Delta PA


Highly recommended


I bought this because my mare needs to wear a muzzle now to graze and her chin was raw from rubbing. This works perfect. Her chin is healed AND she doesn't mind wearing the muzzle anymore (I am sure because it no longer hurts)


Roberts, WI


Best Friend Grazing Muzzle sheepskin liner


Makes my mare more comfortable with the muzzle


Sprintown, TX


Love them!


I love these! They are life savers on my three that have to wear grazing muzzles a majority of the time. No more chins rubbed raw.


Concord, NC


Nice addition to a grazing muzzle


We've tried to add vet wrap or other material to prevent grazing muzzles from rubbing the horses noses, but never really worked. We figured it was better to have a fit horse with a rub mark, than a fat one without the mark! Keep this clean, and it should keep a pretty face on our fit horses all summer!


Elkhart, IA


great to prevent rubbing


I use this sheepskin for the chin part of the best friend muzzle and it works well. The chin is where my horse gets rubbed and so far she is doing really well with the sheepskin. A bit more expensive than fleece, but I feel fleece would also rub the skin and be hard to wear in the summer.




Merino Sheepskin Noseband Liner - Horse

4.8 13


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