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Professional’s Choice® Bits

Professional’s Choice® Bits
Professional’s Choice® Bits
Professional’s Choice® bits for English and Western riders made of quality stainless steel in many styles and mouthpiece options. Shop Pro Choice snaffle bits, Professional’s Choice® Shank snaffles and more.
Professional's Choice® Equisential Wonder Bit Snaffle
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Bob Avila Signature Snaffle Bit
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Bob Avila Correction Bit
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Bob Avila Training Wire Snaffle Bit
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Professional’s Choice® Bits – Fine English and Western Horse Bits

Professional’s Choice® bits are made from fine quality stainless steel crafted into popular English and Western bit styles and mouthpieces.

The Professional’s Choice® Stockman Copper Shank bit has a single jointed stainless steel, sweet iron and copper inlay mouthpiece with a 5 ¼" shank decorated with a copper overlay. A beautiful Western horse bit.

A popular bit for English riders is the Professional’s Choice® Full Cheek Dr. Bristol bit. A double-jointed bit, the Pro-Choice Dr. Bristol has a flat small center piece in the middle of the mouthpiece allowing the bit to lie flat on the horse’s tongue.

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