Creating Two Heart Moments™ - Paulina and Galaxy

It's not often you get the chance to set up a young rider with brand new equipment for them and their horse, so Schneiders Saddlery felt incredibly lucky to be a part of a very rare and special moment between a young girl and her brand-new horse.

The magic, excitement, and love between a rider and horse are unbeatable, and when you get to aid in that connection, your heart will be forever filled. At Schneiders, we exist to enhance the connections between people and horses, and we call this magic Two Heart Moments™, and we got to witness this first-hand with Paulina Fanchini and Galaxy.

When Paulina was 13, she was gifted a pony named Penny that sparked her love for horses. Like many of us, one deep connection with a pony can change your entire life forever. However, Paulina and Penny didn’t expect the future that was ahead of them. The thirteen-year-old, and her family, were heartbroken when her pony sadly became ill with cancer, and just a few years later, Paulina found herself facing the same diagnosis.

The family was shocked and devastated, but their strength never wavered. While Paulina fought her battle, she dreamed of owning a horse of her own, remained strong, and thankfully is now all clear. But, what was next for Paulina? Would her dreams of owning a horse come true?

When Make-A-Wish and Schneiders Saddlery heard about this girl’s story, they wanted to be a part of making her dreams of owning a horse come true. So, on a perfectly sunny afternoon, Paulina, her family, and friends arrived at Schneiders Saddlery for a special surprise and to enjoy an afternoon celebration.

To acknowledge the strength of this young woman, Make-A-Wish donated a beautiful four-year-old, blue Roan horse, named Galaxy to Paulina, giving her the opportunity to fall in love with horses all over again. To assist in this magical moment, we donated Five Thousand Dollars’ worth of merchandise to Paulina and Galaxy; truly setting them up for success at home and the show ring.

Waiting for her new owner, stood the beautiful horse, Galaxy, and an abundance of new supplies. When Paulina hopped out of the car, we could all see the excitement in her sparkling eyes, making it a truly special event for everyone there. We showered Paulina with everything we could think of, from boots and breeches to horse wear and even a new saddle. The entire process of gifting Paulina with her new items was a dream come true for not only Paulina but Schneiders and everyone involved. We did our very best to provide Paulina with well-made items to make sure she is set up for success for years to come.

After the excitement, Paulina packed up her car with her new supplies and headed home, leaving with a big smile on her face, knowing her dreams were now a reality. Her story was changing, but only just beginning. The dynamic duo’s journey together only gets better. Just a week later, Paulina and Galaxy, AKA Make a Wish, traveled to their first show together. Their confidence, class, and connection allowed them to take the show arena by a storm. The team rode a beautiful hunter course, conquered their flat classes, and left with not only 1, but 5 blue ribbons, landing them Reserve and Grand Champion.

Paulina and Galaxy Champion

Working with Make-A-Wish was a wonderful opportunity, and Schneiders looks forward to working with them for many years to come. When a wish comes true it creates strength, hope, and a transformation in a child and the community, which is exactly what we at Schneiders wish to do. We’re grateful to have been a helping hand in granting wishes, and molding another future horsewoman, and that’s what we’re all about. Everything we do at Schneiders Saddlery is about enhancing the connection, serving for the moment but connecting for a lifetime, and we are all proud to be a part of that. We are all on the same team as equestrians, and horses connect us to a purpose beyond ourselves.

The story of Paulina and Galaxy is just the beginning, and we’re certain there will be a lifelong of success between these two. From everyone at Schneiders, we wish they share many more Two Heart Moments™ together and bring home hundreds of blue ribbons.