Schneider Saddlery at Quarter Horse Congress

in 2020!

Schneider Saddlery is back with ALL your favorite quality products specifically designed for the English, Western and trail riding markets! You’ll find the largest selection of tack, stable organizers, grooming supplies, therapy products, and specialty fit blankets in our store.

Schneider Saddlery at Quarter Horse Congress - Some History

Some History

We are the ONLY store who has been involved with the All American Quarter Horse Congress since its inception in 1967. The first year, we had a 10′ x 20′ booth with a few card tables and pegboard. Yet, even then, it was evident that integrating educational events and demonstrations with a horse show was a winning concept.

Over 25 years ago we introduced the Champion jacket program with our exclusive design for the Congress. They started as walking trophies for 20 champions and then grew from there. It is very gratifying to see Congress jackets proudly worn at major events all over the world.

Today, the expanded winner’s circle recognizes Congress champions, reserve champions, top 3 to top 15, and finalists. And now, recipients can customize jackets and coolers with bling and embroidery right at the commemorative counter. This gives you the opportunity to personalize your jacket plus add additional winner’s patches to highlight your multiple successes.

Schneider Saddlery at Quarter Horse Congress - Location


You can find Schneiders at our traditional location in the Northeast corner of Congress Hall. We have planned a full month of promotions, contests, and events. Check back with us to get a full schedule for 2020.

Schneider Saddlery at Quarter Horse Congress - New for 2020!

NEW for 2020!

Coming Soon! Check back as we will be updating this section once all the details are finalized.