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Retail Store Update & Curbside Services

To provide our local customers a safe, quick, and convenient shopping option, we are now offering a Curbside Pickup option.

This no-contact option will allow you to order on-line or over the phone and pick up your order from the safety of your vehicle within 2 hours.

Simply order online and choose the Curbside Pickup option during checkout or call our customer service team at 440-543-2700 and request the Curbside Pickup option. Upon arrival, just call our curbside pickup hotline at 440-248-3314, provide your name, make and model of your vehicle, and pop your trunk. Our store staff will deliver directly to your vehicle while ensuring your protection by wearing proper personal protective equipment.

Please note that our retail store is temporarily closed for shopping.

2 hour pickup time available for in-stock items and orders placed between 8am and 3pm. Pickup times will be 10am-6pm Monday through Friday. Orders placed after 3pm will be available for pickup at 10am the following business day. Items requiring customization options not available for 2 hour curbside pickup.

As of June 1st, 2020, we are now offering curbside laundry dropoff and pickup as well as curbside returns.

We know many of our local customers have called to ask about laundry services and returns. While our retail store is still closed as we figure out the safest plan for reopening, we want to continue serving you. We’ve expanded our curbside services, and we now accept laundry dropoff and returns from your online or curbside orders.

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Schneiders Laundry Program

We clean and repair blankets, coolers & more. See below for more details.

Service Price
6 Piece Stall Drape Set $18.00
Accessories $8.00 & Up
Blanket Repair Parts As Needed
Coolers and Liners $12.00
Dog Blankets $9.00
English/Dressage Saddle Pads $9.00
Excessive Hair Removal $10.00
Fly Sheets $12.00
Foal Blanket Wash $12.00
Foal Stable Blanket or Fly Sheet $10.00
Foal Fleece Warmer $8.00
Heavy Weight Stable Blankets $18.00
Heavy Weight Turnout Blankets $18.00
Hoods/Slickers $12.00
Light Weight Stable Blankets $16.00
Light Weight Turnout Blanket $16.00
Mid Weight Stable Blankets $17.00
Mid Weight Turnout Blankets $17.00
Mid X-tra Weight Turnout Blanket $17.00
Mini Misc. Products (52" & under) $8.00
Mini Blanket Wash $12.00
Mini T/0 Blanket Wash/Rewaterproof $21.99
Mini Stable Blanket or Fly Sheet $10.00
Mini Fleece Warmer $8.00
Neck Covers/Slickers $12.00
Repairs Major Quoted
Repairs Minor $7.50
Second Wash $6.00
Stable Sheets/Fly Sheets $12.00
Turnout Sheets $16.00
Wool Products Extra Charge $5.00