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Alexandra Catavolos, Retail Manager
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In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, our retail store location is closed until further notice.

Schneiders Laundry Program

We clean and repair blankets, coolers & more. See below for more details.

Service Price
6 Piece Stall Drape Set $18.00
Accessories $8.00 & Up
Blanket Repair Parts As Needed
Coolers and Liners $12.00
Dog Blankets $9.00
English/Dressage Saddle Pads $9.00
Excessive Hair Removal $10.00
Fly Sheets $12.00
Foal Blanket Wash $12.00
Foal Stable Blanket or Fly Sheet $10.00
Foal Fleece Warmer $8.00
Heavy Weight Stable Blankets $18.00
Heavy Weight Turnout Blankets $18.00
Hoods/Slickers $12.00
Light Weight Stable Blankets $16.00
Light Weight Turnout Blanket $16.00
Mid Weight Stable Blankets $17.00
Mid Weight Turnout Blankets $17.00
Mid X-tra Weight Turnout Blanket $17.00
Mini Misc. Products (52" & under) $8.00
Mini Blanket Wash $12.00
Mini T/0 Blanket Wash/Rewaterproof $21.99
Mini Stable Blanket or Fly Sheet $10.00
Mini Fleece Warmer $8.00
Neck Covers/Slickers $12.00
Repairs Major Quoted
Repairs Minor $7.50
Second Wash $6.00
Stable Sheets/Fly Sheets $12.00
Turnout Sheets $16.00
Wool Products Extra Charge $5.00