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Helmets, Hunt Caps, and Accessories
Helmets, Hunt Caps, and Accessories
Professional or beginner, head protection should be top priority in safety. Helmets and hunt caps feature the latest technology in fit, style and comfort and help limit the risk of serious injury.
Dura-Tech® Velvet Hunt Cap
$54.99 - $84.99
Samshield Miss Shield Premium Helmet
Financing Available
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3 Colors
Tipperary Hybrid Helmet
38553_blackteal.jpg image Tipperary Hybrid Helmet
38553_blackpurple.jpg image Tipperary Hybrid Helmet
38553_black.jpg image Tipperary Hybrid Helmet
38553_blackpurple.jpg image Tipperary Hybrid Helmet
38553_blackteal.jpg image
Tipperary Hybrid Helmet
Free Shipping
7 Colors
Troxel Rebel Helmet
35232_navajo.jpg image Troxel Rebel Helmet
35232_aloha.jpg image Troxel Rebel Helmet
35232_southwest.jpg image Troxel Rebel Helmet
35232_thunderbird.jpg image Troxel Rebel Helmet
35232_dreamcatcher.jpg image Troxel Rebel Helmet
35232_turquoiserose.jpg image Troxel Rebel Helmet
35232_arrow.jpg image
Troxel Rebel™ Helmet
6 Colors
Troxel Spirit Schooling Helmet
38376_navyduratec.jpg image Troxel Spirit Schooling Helmet
38376_smoke.jpg image Troxel Spirit Schooling Helmet
38376_teal.jpg image Troxel Spirit Schooling Helmet
38376_periwinkleduratec.jpg image Troxel Spirit Schooling Helmet
38376_black.jpg image Troxel Spirit Schooling Helmet
38376_blackduratec.jpg image Troxel Spirit Schooling Helmet
38376_blackduratec.jpg image
Troxel Spirit Schooling Helmet
4 Colors
Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet
32851_darkgrey.jpg image Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet
32851_blackblack.jpg image Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet
32851_tan.jpg image Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet
32851_black.jpg image Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet
32851_blackblack.jpg image
Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet
IRH Medalist Helmet
4 Colors
Tipperary Sportage Helmet
37517_pink.jpg image Tipperary Sportage Helmet
37517_grey.jpg image Tipperary Sportage Helmet
37517_navy.jpg image Tipperary Sportage Helmet
37517_black.jpg image
Tipperary Sportage Helmet
2 Colors
Troxel Cheyenne Helmet
37692_southwest.jpg image Troxel Cheyenne Helmet
37692_brown.jpg image
Troxel Cheyenne Helmet
Free Shipping
4 Colors
Troxel Intrepid Helmet
34354_mulberry.jpg image Troxel Intrepid Helmet
34354_indigo.jpg image Troxel Intrepid Helmet
34354_black.jpg image Troxel Intrepid Helmet
34354_carbon.jpg image
Troxel Intrepid Helmet
$58.99 - $64.99

English Riding Helmets: The most important aspect of horseback riding isn't being comfortable or stylish - it's protecting yourself from injury. But with an English riding helmet from Schneiders, you can have all three whenever you get on a horse. Accidents happen even for the most skilling riders and equines, and a good helmet will guard you against head trauma, neck trauma and other serious injuries. Each English helmet in our inventory is ASTM/SEI certified for the unique activities and potential dangers of the equestrian sport. Many horse organizations and event sanctioning bodies require helmets with these certifications, so by ordering at, you can be certain your helmet is approved for competition.

Browse our high-performance helmets and hunt caps for the ultimate in head protection for riders of all experience levels. They use advanced technology for the best fit, maximum comfort and smart styling. A hunting cap is part of the proud tradition of English riding disciplines. Schneiders' English caps and helmets are of the highest quality from trusted companies. Always wear a safety approved helmet when trail riding, jumping or showing. Ours are ASTM and SEI certified, from leading brands like Uvex, Samshield, Troxel and Ovation. You'll also find a variety of cases for storing and transporting hunt caps and helmets. Their helmets use the latest modern construction and impact protection while maintaining the traditional style that's expected in the ring. Standard features include top or side ventilation holes that increase airflow, extensive padding to absorb the forces of hard impact, multiple adjustment options for a precise fit and removable machine-washable liners. Some helmets have breakaway visors that provide another level of safety in case of a spill. Advanced materials and engineering mean these resilient helmets are also lightweight so your head and neck won't feel fatigued after a long ride.

Whether you're looking for an English show helmet or a solid training helmet, we have many options in both adult and youth sizes. Leather-finished riding helmets, velvet helmets and suede helmets have a time-honored look on the outside and state-of-the-art protection on the inside. For a more contemporary vibe, choose from one of our active sport English helmets, graphic helmets, metallic helmets or even sparkly helmets in dozens of trendy colors. First-rate injury prevention doesn't mean you have to settle for an ordinary-looking or ill-fitting helmet, and at Schneiders, you can get a great deal on an English riding helmet that has been proven in the arena and on the trails.

ASTM-SEI Certified Riding Helmets for Riders of All Ages: In addition to many styles of safety helmets for adult, we also have youth helmets that are lightweight, slim and with designs that kids will love. We offer a wide range of ASTM-SEI certified riding helmets for riders of all ages. There are German-made Uvex Perfexxion active helmets that let you adjust the height and width for a perfect fit. These helmets have advanced climate-control interiors and excellent ventilation. Samshield helmets are made from polycarbonate and polystyrene, with an air venting system that provides superior airflow with no visible vents. They have a sleek, streamlined appearance. Troxel helmets are lightweight yet highly protective, with a handmade leather finish and mesh, and have a design that naturally adjusts to the shape and size of your head. There are Tipperary helmets that combine high-density, lightweight ABS material for superior impact resistance and a streamlined design with low profile visor and ventilation system. You'll also find schooling helmets, suede helmets and helmets with bold designs.

Hunt Caps: Classic English style is featured in the NON SAFETY APPROVED hunt cap. Used by breed show competitors in equitation, pleasure and classes shown on the flat.

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