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Roller Bits

Roller Bits
Roller Bits
Shop English and Western roller bits for horses in many styles. D ring roller snaffles, shank with rollers, loose ring with rollers, kimberwick with rollers and more. In stainless steel, copper, sweet iron, or rubber. Shop top roller bit brands like Myler, Dutton, Happy Mouth, FES and more.
Robart™ Precision Cathedral Bit
FG Clinician Omni Bit With Rubber Covered Bars
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Myler Comfort Snaffle with Copper Roller
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FES Arabian Show Bit Frog Port with Roller
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FES Ported Barrel D Ring Bit

The Roller Bit for English and Western Horses

The roller bit is named after the small rotating barrels placed on a bit’s mouthpiece. The roller on the bit rotates, giving the horse’s tongue something to play with and promoting saliva and helping the horse relax their jaw and to accept the bit.

A roller may be placed in the middle of the mouthpiece or along the arms of the mouthpiece. Different horses may react more positively to one type or another, while other horses may play with the bit too much for it to be useful.

A popular material for a roller bit is copper. Copper helps to promote salivation as well and help the horse to accept the bit.

It is important to choose a top-quality roller bit as some roller bits might pinch the tongue. Be sure to inspect the rollers carefully for any burrs or bent areas. If possible, roll the bit over the underside of your arm to be sure it doesn’t pinch or stab your skin.

Roller bits are available in many bit styles such as the snaffle bit with rollers, shank bit with rollers, D ring roller, loose ring roller bit and more.

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