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Romel Reins

Romel Reins
Romel Reins
The romel rein is a closed rein with the end being a long romel, finishing with a quirt. Our broad selection of popular romel rein styles, rawhide romel and leather romel being most popular, are available in various leather color options, weights and with or without sliver accents. These western weighted reins are prominent in the working cow world and the Arabian western pleasure show ring.
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Deciding on the Perfect Romel Rein for Your Horse

Romel reins, or romal reins, are a type of rein with a romel, or quirt, built into them. This is a western closed rein with each end attaching to each side of the horse’s bit, and at the withers are joined, or closed, where the rider holds the reins. Close to where the rider holds the reins is the romel, or quirt.

Romel reins typically are intricately braided with rawhide or leather, and may be adorned with beautiful hand engraved sterling silver plated ferrules. Often ferruled romel reins have alternating patterns of silver balls and barrels. The quirt or popper can be plain or decorative with hand tooled leather. Quality romel reins are perfectly balanced and weighted to provide a stunning drape from your horse’s neck with little movement.

Rawhide romel reins are traditional and are made with intricately braided rawhide. They are available with or without silver ferrules and weighted for excellent drape and communication with your horse.

Oiled leather romel reins make a subtle statement while still providing all the benefits of the standard romel rein.

Romel reins with silver plated ferrules are the ultimate romel rein, combining beauty and function. These weighted romel reins are usually designed with a combination of intricately braided or plaited leather and accented with braided rawhide or with extensive silver ferrules and hand tooled poppers. Weighted for the perfect feel in the rider’s hand and the ultimate show ring drape from your horse’s neck and shoulder.

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