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Running Martingales & Training Forks

Running Martingales & Training Forks
Running Martingales & Training Forks
An English running martingale and a Western training fork work the same way on the horse, by discouraging the horse from raising their head past the point the bit works correctly. Available in quality leather, rope or leather with surgical tubing. From Dura-Tech®, Billy Royal or Premier brands.
Weaver® Deluxe Leather Tie Down Strap
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Pinnacle Running Martingale
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Pinnacle Running Martingale
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Victor Supreme Arabian Training Package
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Billy Royal® Arabian Training Tack Package
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Western Training Fork, English Running Martingales and How They Work

Different names, slightly different looks, the English running martingale and the Western training fork, both function the same way on your horse.

Both the running martingale and training fork come up from between the horse’s front legs and fork into two pieces that end in loops.  The reins are threaded through the loops.  Reins should be complete with rein stops or have rein stops added, to prevent the rings of the running martingale to get tangled up in the rein buckles or bit. If your reins do not have rein stops they can easily be purchased on their own, typically in rubber.

When a horse lifts their head high in response to bit pressure, they successfully disengage the bit and are able to evade the bit or "run through the bit".  A running martingale or training fork works by applying downward pressure on the horse’s mouth, through the reins and bit, keeping the bit engaged, when the horse tries to lift their head to evade the bit.

The running martingale or training fork is popular because it works well when it is needed and has little or no influence on the horse when it is not needed.

The chambon is another horse training tool. The chambon works by acting on the horse’s poll and the corners of the mouth. The chambon, like the running martingale and training fork, engages when the horse raises his head higher than desired. But when the chambon applies pressure to the bit, the bit is raised in the horse’s mouth and in turn applies pressure to the poll.  As soon as the horse lowers their head the chambon pressure is removed. This is different than the running martingale or training fork as their pressure is applied to the bit.

As will all horse training tack, if used incorrectly you will not receive the desired result.

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