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Saddle Accessories

Saddle Accessories
Saddle Accessories
Accessorize your saddle with quality saddle accessories to increase your comfort, add maneuverability, or make up for tack that is too small. Find the saddle accessories you need to get you back in the saddle!
Ovation X-Change Gullet Plates
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Pinnacle Pirouette Gullet Exchange
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Choosing the Best Horse Saddle Accessories

There’s a variety of Saddle Accessories on the market today that can be added to a saddle to improve the comfort, fit of the tack, or convenience of the tack. Here are some examples of horse saddle accessories:

  • Saddle Cushion: This is a cushion riders can put on their saddle to make it more comfortable. This is one of the best saddle accessories for those who enjoy long trail rides.

  • Girth Extender: This is a leather item used to extend girths that are too small. It buckles to the girth and gives the rider about 5 extra inches so that the same girth can also fit larger horses.

  • Grab Strap: The grab strap is great for young riders who need a strap to hold onto while they ride. This strap attaches to the d-rings and goes in front of the pomel.

There are many more horse saddle accessories available for all different kinds of purposes. So, if you’re hitting the trails or the competition ring, you can shop through our large selection of accessories to make your ride more convenient.

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