Saddles & Saddle Pads

Saddle and Saddle Pads for Horses
Saddle and Saddle Pads for Horses

Western Saddles: Billy Royal® western saddles are the complete package of fit, looks, class and price. All Billy Royal® saddles are designed with the help of top professionals to achieve perfect balance and comfort. Double S western saddles are high quality entry level saddles which incorporate good looks, good feel and beautiful balance.

Western Saddle Pads: There are various kinds of Western saddle pads. Some are primarily meant for durability, comfort and protection of your horse from injury. Other Western saddle blankets are extremely decorative, intended for show use. Here at Schneiders, we have saddle pads, Western style, for both everyday use and special occasions, when you and your horse need to look your very best. Our Western show pads, protective pads and saddle pad accessories come from brand names like Professional's Choice, Dura-Tech, Impact Gel and Classic Equine. We also offer our own Schneiders brand of vibrant Western show pads.

English Saddles: At Schneiders, we offer the widest selection of premiere English saddles from the world's most elite manufacturers. What these saddles have in common is their unsurpassed quality and workmanship. You'll discover exquisitely designed English saddles from major brands like Joseph Sterling, Pessoa, Stubben, Bates, Pinnacle and Premier. What type of English saddle are you interested in? We have close contact saddles, all-purpose saddles, dressage saddles and cutback saddles.