Saddle Racks & Carts

Keep your saddle accessible and off the ground at home or horse shows! Easy-Up® saddle racks and carts come with a 5 or 7 year guarantee.
Saddle Racks and Carts
Saddle Racks and Carts
Easy-Up® Wall Mount Saddle Rack with Pad Bar
4 for $19.99 ea.
Easy-Up® Portable Multi Saddle Racks
$159.99 - $199.99
$109.99 - $139.99
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Easy-Up® 5 Tier Main Frame System
$39.99 - $74.99
$27.99 - $49.99
Easy-Up® Pro Saddle, Pad & Supplies Wall System
$49.99 - $89.99
$34.99 - $59.99
Easy-Up® Wall Mount Saddle Rack with Double Pad Bar
4 for $24.99 ea.
Easy-Up® Pro Series Saddle & Tack Dolly
Easy-Up® Show Cart with Saddle Rack
Easy-Up® Tack Room On Wheels
Easy-Up® Pro Series Expandable Swivel Saddle & Saddle Pad Racks
$44.99 - $149.99
$19.99 - $99.99
Easy-Up® Folding Saddle Stand

Saddle Racks, Carts and Stands: It's important to keep your tack room neat and organized, and Schneiders makes that even easier with a wide selection of saddle racks, carts and stands designed for just about any size tack room. Your saddle is one of your most expensive pieces of tack and tossing it over a gate or railing isn't a good idea in order to keep it in top condition; instead, invest in a proper saddle rack from Schneiders that can be used at home or while traveling.

Schneiders carries different types of saddle racks, including portable saddle racks designed especially for shows, trail rides, vacations and other travel. These saddle racks are priced at rates up to 50 percent lower than other tack retailers, and they come with guarantees to ensure your satisfaction.

At home, an expandable swivel saddle rack from Easy-Up® makes a great option. This type of rack allows you to move the rack around as you navigate your tack and even to add more space for additional saddles if you expand your tack collection. Schneiders also carries tiered saddle racks that allow you to organize multiple saddles in a space saving way, as well as options with attached baskets that provide extra storage for tack accessories, grooming tools and other essentials.

If you and your horse are always on the go, you may also want to invest in one of Schneiders' convenient portable saddle racks or portable saddle racks on wheels. These are completely collapsible and easy to fold up and take home with you once the show or trip is over. While they are portable, these racks still come equipped with many of the same features, including multiple spaces for multiple saddles, wheels and even show carts for transporting other, smaller tack items.