Saddle Racks and Horse Trailer Racks

Keep your saddle accessible and off the ground at home or horse shows! Easy-Up® saddle racks and carts come with a 5 or 7 year guarantee.
Saddle Racks and Carts
Saddle Racks and Carts
The wide selection of saddle racks, stands and carts from Schneiders helps you keep your tack room organized and your saddle in tip-top condition both in the stable and on the road. Wall-mount options, trailer saddle racks and foldable styles available.
Equi-Racks Complete Tack Rack
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Equiracks Rotary Tack Rack
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Easy-Up® Pro Series Rotational Saddle System
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Easy-Up® Titan Multi Rack Tack Stand
Equi-Racks Wall Mount 4 Arm Saddle Rack
Brass & Wood Saddle Rack
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How Saddle Racks and Trailer Saddle Racks Keep You Organized

Keeping your tack room organized makes your entire equestrian experience better. Schneiders brings you a wide selection of Saddle Racks, Trailer Saddle Racks and Saddle Carts to rein in your tack and protect your saddle both in the stable and on the road.

Whether you’ve got a Western, English or Dressage saddle, it’s likely your most expensive piece of tack. It’s also one of the most important ways you connect with your horse while you ride. Treat your saddle like the treasure it is with a saddle rack from Schneiders that keeps it off the floor and out of harm’s way.

Our Saddle Rack Collection includes portable and collapsible options for taking on the road to shows or competitions, as well as trailer saddle rack choices and carts that keep your journey organized. We’ve also included sturdy and beautiful saddle racks for your stable that mount on the wall or fold up for easy storage. Some models expand to accommodate your growing saddle collection, and others stand freely to showcase your trophy saddle.

A Wide Selection of Tack Room Organization Solutions

Schneiders has everything you need to keep your tack room organized and all your gear easily accessible. With trusted brands you recognize like Easy-Up® and Equi-Racks, plus free shipping on all qualified orders, we’re your home for quality equestrian supplies.

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