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Saddleseat Bridles & Bits

Saddleseat Bridles and Bits
Saddleseat Bridles and Bits
Keep your horse’s mouth happy and light while maintaining contact and form with our large selection of Saddleseat bridles and bits! Whether a beginner or competing in the Saddle Seat World Cup, Schneiders’ Saddleseat bridles and bits will help you achieve the right form while keeping your horse responsive and energetic in high-stepping movements.
Schneiders® FES Elite Smooth Copper Bradoon
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Schneiders® FES Copper Port Slim Curb Bit
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Joseph Sterling Kentucky Classic Kiesner Browband
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Joseph Sterling® Kentucky Classic Kiesner Browband
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Choosing the Right Saddleseat Bridle and Bit

Choosing the right bridle and bit for your horse is crucial for performance and keeping your horse happy and connected. The wrong bridle and bit can ruin a good mouth and spoil a horse’s spirit. The traditional Saddleseat bridle and bit is the double bridle and is mandatory for most equitation classes in Saddleseat. Bridles are black or brown, but riders can show off their personality by adding a multicolored or red browband.

The right bit for your saddleseat double bridle is the curb and bradoon, but horses younger than five can use a snaffle. Some pleasure classes may allow the lesser-used Pelham bit. This bit has elements of the curb and snaffle, and it is usually straight instead of jointed and can use two reins. Using a single curb bit is most often used with gaited horses like the Missouri Fox Trotter and the Tennessee Walker, but note the shanks of the curb are longer than the Weymouth style most often used in dressage.

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