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Savvy Feeder™

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Savvy Feeder™
Reduce the chance of ingesting sand, manure, urine soaked bedding, rocks, parasites - you name it; the Savvy Feeder™ keeps the hay up off the ground, prolonging feeding with many other benefits!

  • The grate floats on top of the hay and goes down as the horse eats
  • The grate is held in place by heavy duty fabric
  • This unique process allowed us to apply for a patent through the US Patent and Trade Office
  • Allows your horse to forage in a natural head-down position, creating correct jaw alignment & chewing motion, and reduced risk of guttural pouch infection
  • Creates contentment and calmness when eating; eliminating boredom, nervousness and frustration
  • Prolongs feeding about 4-10 times as long as eating off the ground, reducing the chance of ulcers
  • No more seeing costly hay blow away by wind, or getting stomped on by our picky eaters
  • Spend time riding instead of cleaning up that pile of wasted hay
  • Reduce the chance of picking up the strangles bacteria, or other viruses by keeping your horse's hay contained
  • And best of all, it's SAFE!
  • The grate is slightly flexible and is designed to give if a shoe or a foot was to catch. If there is extreme pressure, the grate will pop out of the feeder
  • Fits: Up 18 lbs of grass hay or up to 23 lbs of thick hay such as alfalfa
  • Your horse doesn't need that much per feeding? No worries - just put in the amount of hay that your horse needs. It works just as well with 10 lbs of hay
  • Your horse will enjoy their forage 4 to 10 times longer than if thrown on the ground/floor. It only weighs 25 lbs - it's super easy to take along
  • Incredibly durable - This workhorse of a feeder is made of a strong, slightly flexible high tech poly material
  • Sizing: Small grate (fine hay), Medium grate (timothy), Large grate (alfalfa)
  • Dimensions: 24" square at the bottom, 20" square at the top, 18" tall.
  • Shipping to Canada & Australia is not available for this specific item

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