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  • Call us at 1-800-365-1311

Schneiders Blanket Warranty

Waterproof breathable feature: StormShield® brand turnout blankets are guaranteed to be waterproof and breathable for the term of the warranty. If a problem occurs, please contact customer service. Exclusions: Do not sew on the outer shell of the blanket. Do not subject the blanket to high temperatures. Do not use bleach when laundering. Doing so will void the warranty. To ensure the longest useful life for your blanket, please follow the blanket care instructions for waterproof blankets.

Straps, surcingles, assembly and hardware are guaranteed for the term of the warranty. If you experience a problem, contact customer service. If you are able to have your blanket repaired locally we will furnish the necessary supplies and authorize the reasonable cost of the repair. Simply forward the receipt and we will reimburse you for the authorized amount. If local repair is not available, the blanket may be shipped back to us for repair if it is sent freight paid. We will repair it free of charge and return it freight free.

Minor damage to the outer shell: No matter how strong the material, punctures and snags may occur. These should in no way affect the performance of the blanket and can usually be easily repaired. Contact customer service. They will furnish easy to use repair tape or send material and authorize local repair.

Major damage to the blanket: If the blanket fails in normal use as a result of a defect in materials or workmanship the blanket will be replaced or the defect corrected at no charge. Outer cover, seams, gussets and linings are covered. Damage not due to defect: If major damage occurs such as the horse catching the blanket on objects in its surroundings (fence, barn hardware, nail, etc.) Schneiders will repair or replace the blanket at our discretion for a charge of $30.00. If damage occurs, contact customer service. Thanks to digital cameras and e-mail, we can often determine what action is required and will instruct you accordingly. Should it be necessary to send us the blanket please clean off all surface mud, dirt and manure by brushing it thoroughly. DO NOT launder the blanket. Repair or replacement is at the discretion of Schneiders. There is a limit of one replacement within the warranty period.

Other problems: Please contact customer service.

Dura-Tech® 30 Day Limited Warranty

Dura-Tech® turnout blankets are guaranteed to be waterproof and breathable for one year from date of purchase. Any defect in the waterproof coating almost always shows up with first use in wet weather. If you encounter leakage, please contact customer service at once. To ensure that Dura-Tech® turnouts are free of manufacturer's defects, the straps, surcingles, assembly and hardware are guaranteed for 30 days from the date of first use. If you experience a problem, contact customer service. They will furnish supplies, if needed, to enable you to have the item repaired locally and reimburse you for the reasonable cost of repair. If local repair is not available, the blanket may be shipped back to us for repair if it is sent freight paid. We will repair it free of charge and return it freight free. Damage to the outer shell is not warranted except when caused by defect in manufacture.

Turnout Blankets

Covered by Warranty:

3 Year Guarantee

Nordlund High Neck

Nordlund Deluxe Combo

VTEK® Marathon

Contour Collar Ballistic Extreme

2 Year Guarantee

Arctic Combo


Big Fella 1680D

Big Fella Super Quilt

Contour Collar Bellyband

Contour Collar Euro Extreme

Cutback Wither

New Briton

VTEK® Junior



VTEK® Evergreen

VTEK® Sheet

1 Year Guarantee

Contour Collar Classic Euro

Stable Blankets

Covered by Warranty:

1 Year Guarantee




Please be sure to save your receipt if you purchase your blanket at a show.

Blanket Care

Laundering: Remove detachable leg straps; fasten all Velcro, bellybands and attached leg straps securely before laundering. Wash stable blankets in warm (not hot) water with mild detergent. Do not use bleach. See special instructions below for washing waterproof turnout blankets. Do not subject nylon blankets to high temperatures. Line dry or tumble dry on low setting.

Waterproof blanket maintenance: To maintain the waterproof breathable functionality of your turnout be sure to follow these recommended care instructions. Keep it clean, but avoid over-laundering. Freshen blankets by frequently hosing off accumulated dirt. When laundering waterproof blankets use recommended blanket washes such as Schneiders Blanket Wash, Nikwax Tech Wash/Rug Wash, Nature's Blend or comparable products. Caution: Harsh detergents, fabric softeners and bleach degrade the waterproof breathable coating and shorten the life of the blanket.

Maintaining the integrity of the waterproof outer shell: Do not attempt to sew on waterproof materials. Snags and small punctures are easily repairable and will in no way affect the performance of the blanket. Simply obtain StormShield® Repair Tape, which is available on request for guaranteed blankets or for purchase. Revitalizing the DWR coating: If water stops beading up on a portion of the outer shell over time, the waterproof coating may be revitalized by washing in warm water, tumble drying on low setting, or applying moderate heat to the outer cover using a hair dryer or warm (not hot) iron. Please use caution as washer and dryer temperatures vary and high temperatures may shrink or melt the nylon outer covering or binding. For other questions or concerns contact customer service.

Storage: The best choice for long term storage is a sealable airtight container where blankets will be protected from dampness, direct heat and rodents. Never store soiled blankets between seasons. Take care of your investment by laundering and making repairs first. Make sure your blanket is thoroughly clean and dry before storing.

Need assistance with your blanket under warranty? Contact Customer Service at 800-365-1311 or e-mail Service@sstack.com