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Schneiders® Horse Blanket Wash

The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 474 Reviews
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The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 226 Reviews
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Schneiders® Horse Blanket Wash

Transform your horse's filthy blanket with Schneiders® Horse Blanket Wash. This horse blanket wash is effective against the heaviest soil and leaves no residue. It is environmentally friendly, phosphate-free, bio-degradable, and non-irritating without compromising the waterproofing material. This minimal sudsing detergent easily rinses out of blankets while brightening colors in any water temperature. Feel free to safely wash waterproof turnouts, stable blankets, sheets, coolers, saddle pads, and wraps. Our horse blanket wash does it all!

Directions for use:?For a home washing machine?(both font and top loading), add 2oz per load. For commercial washing machines,?add 2-5 oz. per load, depending on size. For hand washing, add 2-3oz per gallon of water and agitate by hand. For the best results, use warm (not hot) water. Do not use bleach, fabric softener, or other additives when laundering waterproof breathable blankets. Dry according to the item's instructions. If you need to re-waterproof your horse's blanket, try the "Schneiders® Re-Proofer " .

  • Horse blanket wash that's safe to use on your horse's blankets, sheets, coolers, wraps, saddle pads, and more
  • Deep cleans while leaving waterproofing intact
  • Lifts out heaviest soil, recommended to use in warm temperatures
  • Non-ionic formula extensively tested in our laundry
  • Environmentally friendly - phosphate-free and bio-degradable
  • Minimal sudsing, rinses easily, leaves no residue - will not irritate horse's skin
  • HE Safe
  • Sizes: 16 oz. (will wash 8 average-sized blankets) or 32 oz. (will wash 16 average-sized blankets)
  • Brand: Schneiders®
  • Made in the USA

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