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Shampoos and Conditioners for Horses
Shampoos and Conditioners for Horses
It is our commitment to offer the finest products at affordable prices. Our carefully selected horse shampoos and conditioners ensure your horse's skin and coat are kept in the optimal condition.
Healthy HairCare® Hair Moisturizer
$14.99 - $74.99
$14.99 - $51.99
Ultra® Face Highlighter
$7.99 - $16.99
Ultra® Magic Detangler
$6.99 - $39.99
New Item
Ultra® Conditioning Shampoo
$4.99 - $34.99
New Item
5 Colors
Shapley's™ Touch Up Spray
10683_darkbrown.jpg image Shapley's™ Touch Up Spray
10683_white.jpg image Shapley's™ Touch Up Spray
10683_mediumbrown.jpg image Shapley's™ Touch Up Spray
10683_chestnut.jpg image Shapley's™ Touch Up Spray
10683_black.jpg image
Shapley's™ Touch Up Spray
Cowboy Magic® Detangler™ & Shine
$22.99 - $57.99
$22.99 - $44.99
3 Colors
Ultra® Grooming Chalk 3 Pack
31181_white.jpg image Ultra® Grooming Chalk 3 Pack
31181_chestnut.jpg image Ultra® Grooming Chalk 3 Pack
31181_black.jpg image
Ultra® Grooming Chalk 3 Pack

Horse Shampoos & Conditioners: All natural shampoo gently lifts dirt from the skin while promoting your horse's natural shine. Impressively improves skin condition without stripping the coat of its natural oils. Cleans and conditions coats. Ideal for horses with sensitive skin or allergies.

If your horse is suffering from a chronic skin condition such as dry, itchy skin or a bacterial infection, you want to find fast and effective treatment. These medicated horse shampoos and anti-fungal treatments are formulated to provide gentle yet thorough cleansing and treatment of various skin ailments such as rain rot, girth itch, dry skin, scratches, ringworm and mange. We offer the highest performance products from companies like Ultra®, Shapley's™, Excaliber® and Eqyss. For a fast solution to skin irritations, use high-performance anti-fungal shampoo for horses.

Regular bathing helps maintain a healthy skin and coat. Deep cleaning all-purpose horse shampoos gently remove sweat and dirt build-up and rinse thoroughly to prevent dry flaking skin.

Give a horse's coat the luster it deserves by cleaning it with equine color enhancing shampoo from Schneiders. These shampoos work to restore and brighten a horse's natural coat, mane and tail colors so they shine in the arena or in the barn. No horse hair dye products are necessary when you're using these specially formulated cleaners! We offer horse shampoo from Ultra, Vetrolin, EquiFUSE, Gallop, Exhibitors and other companies that make the highest quality cleaning and grooming products for horses. We have selected color enhancing shampoo for horses that are strong enough to restore damaged coats yet gentle enough for regular use. Optical brighteners in each bottle change the way that light reflects off hair shafts, creating a brilliant soft luster. But it's not just for show - you are also giving the horse a deep clean that removes stubborn grass and manure stains while making their hair healthier. Moisturizing horse shampoos repair dry hair, which eliminates dandruff and improves its ability to absorb the brightening agents - and this cleaner does so without removing the natural oils. Both sudsing and foaming shampoos are in stock for your cleaning preferences.

Shampoos such as Medi-Care™ are designed to work fast yet won't disturb open wounds. This American-made formula can help control girth itch, rain rot and other skin conditions, for a more comfortable horse. It's also eco-friendly. Made from imported Australian tea tree oil, our sheath cleaner loosens and removes dirt and body oils, speeding up cleaning. Specially made for use on horses, it won't irritate their skin and leaves no residue. Tea tree oil is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and is a powerful ally against fungal and bacterial infections. This safe yet powerful essential oil promotes a shiny coat, tail and mane as well as healthy skin. It helps the skin and coat retain a proper balance of moisture, and it rinses out completely without leaving any residue. Lemongrass is another beneficial natural substance that is a fungicidal and antiseptic, with insecticidal characteristics. These formulas are suitably gentle for daily maintenance and prevention.

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