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Joseph Sterling® Petite Dressage Bridle
31448.a.zoom.jpg : 3
Joseph Sterling® Petite Dressage Bridle view #1
Joseph Sterling® Petite Dressage Bridle view #2
Joseph Sterling® Petite Dressage Bridle view #3

Joseph Sterling® Petite Dressage Bridle

Item # 31448
  • Unparalleled comfort, style and class for today’s finer built Dressage horses
  • Handcrafted from the finest English leather by J & E Sedgwick & Co. Ltd.
  • Features a ‘petite’ 7/8" browband and 1” caveson to complement a refined head
  • Comfort Plus padded crown eliminates pressure around sensitive ears and poll
  • Fold-Away flash loop conceals  within the padded crank caveson when not in use
  • 5/8” x 54” leather reins with hand stops are included
  • Color:  Black
  • Sizes:  Cob or full size
  • Do you like the look of a leather rein but need the grip of a rubber rein? View our Soft Beaded Reins here.
  • Click here to view our How to FIT Your English Bridle video
  • Click here to view our How to CLEAN Your English Bridle video
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$259.99 $199.99
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Joseph Sterling® Petite Dressage Bridle
Joseph Sterling Petite Dressage Bridle

The black coloring came off immediately


I bought this because I have another that I just love. But I cleaned the new one before using and all of the black coloring came off of the brow band and the caveson. Very disappointed in the change in quality.

Ann A.



10 years old and still like new!


I bought this bridle about 10 years ago. I clean my bridle often, not after every ride but definitely when it gets wet from sweat. It's still in excellent condition and I plan to buy another one for a different horse. The leather quality is top notch and I hope the new ones are of the same great quality. I should easily get another 10 years out of this bridle.


St. Louis, MO


Attractive bridle


Purchased the cob size for a smaller Arabian. Most of the settings are on the top hole which results in a lot of bulky extra straps. The leather appears to be high quality




Appreciate "petite" for my Arabian


I am starting to do some dressage so was looking for a dressage bridle that would be good for my Arabian. I bought this because of the narrower brow band and caveson and the price was good for my budget. It looks great on my cute grey Arabian. Leather seems a nice quality and will soften some more as I use and clean/condition. The only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars is that all the leather strapping does seem to be a bit long considering it is meant to be for a "petite" in cob size. We are not on the last hole on any of the buckles, but as the leather softens and he loses his winter hair, we might need to tighten a bit more. And my horse is not an extremely petite Arabian. But it still fits and I didn't think a pony size would be better. It seems a bit tight under his ears where the brow band attaches, but not too tight and I expect to get the extra bit of space I would prefer as I use and condition the leather and he loses his thick winter coat. Can't wait until spring to see him all fancied up for our first competition!

Kam's mom

Topeka, KS


Petite dressage bridle


This is the best dressage bridle for horse it fits her to a tee. Other people tell me how nice and elegant she looks in it.


Leavenworth ks


Beautiful bridle


I had looked at this bridle for a year before purchasing it. I have a large Arabian with a tiny muzzle and large forehead. The bridle was beautiful on him but it pinched him around the ears. I thought the leather was soft and lovely. Reluctantly I had to return it because of the fit, but I would highly recommend it for another horse.

No nickname

San Diego, Ca


Excellent Bridle


This bridle compliments the fine features of my Thoroughbred's head. The crown design is gentle on her sensitive poll. I like the option that the flash can be removed and the loop entirely hidden. This is a beautiful quality bridle, made of supple leather, which I look forward to using for both schooling and competition for many years.


Ontario, Canada


Great for Quarter horses


After pouring over review after review hoping to find a dressage bridle that would fit my Quarter Horse mare I chose the cob size version of the petite and bought a full-sized browband and it fits perfectly. It also accentuates her delicate face to perfection. The caveson which has been the hardest part of finding a bridle is small enough to fit her properly, but the entire bridle will expand to fit my big heavy-boned Morgan and my daughter's Appaloosa. After one a run with leather conditioner, it is butter soft and feels like it will last a lifetime.




Great choice for Morgans!


This bridle is a great choice for Morgans/Arabians. Nicely padded leather that doesn't overwhelm my horse's delicate face. Finally the throat latch isn't too long! However,the reins could be longer. Nice leather for the price.

Dane the Magnificent

Buffalo NY


Nice bridle


This is a nice bridle. I own an Arabian so the cobb size worked well although we still needed to punch a new hole in the nose band. Overall though, it looks really nice on him and I like the padding on the front and back of the nose band. The thinner leather also looks very nice on a refined head. Would definitely recommend.




Joseph Sterling® Petite Dressage Bridle

4.4 31


The bit attachments do not appear to be buckles on the pictures. Are they the hook style?


hook style!  Very nice bridle.


The bit ends are hook and stud style.


How long are the reins for a Cob and Horse sized Petite Dressage Bridle? One commenter said they were too short. Just checking. Thanks.


The reins that come with both bridles are the standard length that is between 54" and 55".


Is the padded crown piece on the JS petite cob bridle smaller/more narrow than that of the regular JS cob bridle?


Petite: 7/8" Wide Crown; Regular: 1" Wide Crown

Customer Service

Yes. The padded crow piece is a little more narrow. "You miss 100% of the shots you never take!" ~ Wayne Gretzky


Thanks for the measurements for this bridle in Cob size. May I have the same information about this bridle in Full size: what does the broadband measure and what does the bridle measure from bit end to bit end over the poll?


Full size browband - 16 ½"; Bit to Bit - 38"-48"

Customer Service

Can you give me some measurements for this bridle? My horse's current bridle measures 40.5 inches from bit end to bit end (from the bottom of one cheek piece over the poll down to the bottom of the other cheek piece) and his browband measures just a little bit over 16 inches. He's a Morgan, so usually if a bridle's browband fits him, the noseband or caveson and the throat latch are way too big. I am hoping, based on one of the reviews for this bridle, that the cob size will work for my gelding.


Cob: Browband - 15"; Bit to Bit - 40" bottom Hole (33" top hole)

Customer Service

I have a quarter horse with a petite head. I did replace the brow band with a decorative one but the one that came with the bridle fit fine. I did use a 16" replacement. The nose and and flash fit her perfect. The throat latch was the only thing that I noticed didn't have a lot of room but works just fine still. I think I've got 2-3 holes to the end. I've attached a photo of it on my mare. Hope this helps. Good luck.


I have misplaced one cheek piece on the cob size I bought. Is it possible to get a replacement piece?


You would need to contact customer service at 800-365-1311

Customer Service

What are the connections at the bit? I have this bridle from a few years ago, but can't tell from the picture if the connections are similar. And one of the reviews mentions a change.


It is the standard buckle

Schneider's Customer Service

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