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Side Reins for Horses

Side Reins
If you're looking to add a little variety to your horse training, consider using side reins. Shop several different types of side reins for horses, including donut, elastic, and easy-adjust styles. Side reins vary in materials as well, with leather and web nylon being the most popular options. No matter what style or material you choose, side reins are a great way to mix up your training routine.

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Dura-Tech® European Balancing Side Reins
Dura-Tech® European Balancing Side Reins
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Premier Donut Side Reins
Premier Donut Side Reins
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Dura-Tech® Easy-Adjust Nylon Elastic Side Reins
Dura-Tech Easy-Adjust Nylon Elastic Side Reins for Horses
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Billy Royal® Side Reins
Billy Royal® Side Reins
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Choosing the Best Side Reins for Successful Horse Training

Side reins for horses are a versatile training aid that can be used to help with a number of different goals. For example, they can be used to encourage the horse to travel straight and in balance. They can also be used to teach the horse to accept rein pressure and maintain light contact with the bit.

During lunge line training, side reins are attached from the bit to the saddle or surcingle. Side reins are available in both English and western styles, and they can be made with or without donuts. Elastic side reins are also an option for those who want to provide the horse's mouth with some give while still maintaining consistent contact. No matter what your training goals are, side reins can be a helpful tool.

Frequently Asked Questions About Side Reins

What are side reins for?

Side reins are usually used for in-hand work or when a horse is on the lunge line. Side reins help teach your horse to be straight and they can also be used to encourage bending. Many upper-level trainers use side reins to teach advanced dressage moves.

How do you train with side reins?

To train with side reins, begin by warming your horse up normally on the lunge line. Then attach the side reins to the bit, making sure they are loose when you start. Allow your horse to get used to the pressure while they go. Then ask him to stop and shorten the reins so your horse's nose is slightly in front of the vertical. Always begin and end a training session without side reins so your horse can stretch.

Are side reins good for lunging?

Yes, side reins are good for lunging because the main goal of lunging is to help the horse develop balance and rhythm. This can be done with or without side reins, but many people find that side reins can be helpful in keeping the horse on the track.

Can you ride with side reins?

Side reins are a type of training equipment that is commonly used while lunging. It is not recommended to ride while using side reins, as draw reins would be more appropriate.

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