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Side Reins for Horses

Side Reins for Horses
Side Reins for Horses
Side reins, used while lunging the horse is a useful addition to your training tack. Used in training for both English and western riding, side reins are available in a donut, elastic or an easy-adjust style made in leather or web nylon.
Billy Royal® Side Reins
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English and Western Side Reins - Horse Training Tack

Side reins are a training aid, mostly used on the lunge line, to help teach the horse to accept rein pressure and maintain light contact with the bit while still moving forward. It encourages the horse to travel straight and in balance. During lunge line training, side reins are attached from the bit to the saddle or surcingle. English and western riders and trainers alike utilize side reins in their training.

Side reins with donuts are side reins with rubber rings, roughly three quarters down the rein to provide a soft give to the desired consistent contact with the horse’s mouth.

Elastic side reins have a portion of the rein made of elastic to provide the horse’s mouth some give in the rein while still maintaining a consistent contact.

Easy Adjust side reins allow you to easily adjust the length of your side reins for the best fit for your horse with snaps and rings.

Leather side reins are popular and typically come in the donut or elastic style. Some trainers prefer to use leather side reins as they provide a small amount of natural "give" due to the nature of the natural fibers in leather.

Web side reins or nylon side reins are easy to clean, economical and typically are available in donut, elastic and easy adjust styles.

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