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Skid Boots for Horses

Protect and prevent injuries caused by sliding stop and reining maneuvers with skid boots.
Skid Boots for Horses
Skid Boots for Horses
Skid boots help protect your horse’s hind fetlocks and pasterns from injury in sliding stops or other exercises. The skid boot is popular in Western reining and cutting events or where the horse requires quick stops and fast turns. Available in hard wearing leather or neoprene with strike pad from top brands like Classic Equine®, Professional’s Choice and Dura-Tech®.
2 Colors
Professional's Choice® VenTECH™ Standard Skid Boots
35244_white.jpg image Professional's Choice® VenTECH™ Standard Skid Boots
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Professional's Choice® VenTECH™ Slide-Tec Skid Boots
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Classic Equine Leather Skid Boots
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 5 Reviews

Protecting the Horse’s Hind Fetlocks and Pasterns with Skid Boots

Skid boots are used on the hind legs of a horse to protect the fetlock and pastern from impact. Traditionally applied with two straps, one above the fetlock and one below around the pastern. A horse's skid boot has a skid plate or skid cap located around the back of the fetlock. Skid boots help with interfering and impact between fetlocks and the ground or ring footing.

It’s no surprise skid boots are popular in the Western reining ring. The athletic sliding stops performed in reining ask the hindquarters of the horse to be so engaged their back legs come under them, bringing the fetlocks very low to the ground, or "deep-in-the-ground". Fetlocks this engaged certainly benefit from protection.

Horse skid boots are also popular in Western cutting and cow events where quick turns and stops require deep engagement of the horse’s hind end, bringing rear fetlocks to the ground.

Traditionally manufactured in leather with padded skid pads, skid boots are now also available in neoprene with padded leather skid pads.  Neoprene models also allow more coverage of the horse’s leg, protecting the entire fetlock and pastern and keep dirt out from behind straps where it can cause friction and burns.

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