Snaffles with Lozenges

Snaffles with Lozenges
Snaffles with Lozenges
Horse snaffle with lozenge is a multi-joined snaffle bit available a wide selection of styles for both the English and Western horse. Choose from loose ring snaffle with lozenge, D ring snaffle with lozenge or shanked lozenge snaffle and more. In stainless steel, sweet iron, or copper. Shop top brands like Herm Sprenger®, Dutton, Stubben, FES and more.
Herm Sprenger KK Ultra Loose Ring Bit
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The Lozenge Bit Mouthpiece – Popular Bit Style for English & Western Horses

The snaffle with lozenge or the lozenge bit with is a bit with a small smooth oval shaped piece in the middle of the mouthpiece. Lozenges in the mouthpiece of a bit make the snaffle multi-jointed and allow the mouthpiece to lie flat on the horse’s tongue.

Although the snaffle bit with lozenge works much like the French link snaffle bit or the dog bone snaffle, the lozenge piece is a more rounded shape, whereas the dog bone or French link tends to be flat.

Horse bits with lozenges in their mouthpieces are available in a variety of materials. Choose from copper, stainless steel, SENSOGAN and sweet iron mouthpieces.

In addition, snaffle lozenge bits are available in many cheek options such as loose ring with lozenge, D ring bits with lozenge, to name few.

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