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Snaffle Bits with Lozenge

Snaffle bits with Lozenge
Snaffle bits with Lozenge
Lozenge snaffle bits are an excellent option when you are looking for a bit that relieves pressure on a horse’s palate. Snaffles with lozenges are multi-jointed bits with an oval shaped center that allow the center of the bit to lie flat while creating a positive experience for the horse due to the available options of materials such as copper or Sensogan, which taste good to horses and promote salivation.
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What is Unique About Snaffles with Lozenges

The lozenge snaffle bit is a double-jointed snaffle allowing the mouthpiece to lie flat on the horse’s tongue for tongue pressure relief while still applying pressure to the bars and lips of their mouth. Lozenge snaffles work independently on each side of the mouth. With various lozenge snaffle mouthpiece options such as an oval link, dog bone, or french link, you can choose a specific shape lozenge that works best for your horse.

There are different nickel-free alloy materials to choose from for a lozenge snaffle that can help promote salivation, which in turn can encourage a horse to accept the bit and relax through the jaw. These snaffle bits with a lozenge can be made from sweet copper or Sensogan, which is a mix of copper, manganese, and zinc, designed to have a distinct taste horses really enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lozenge Snaffles

What does a lozenge snaffle do?

A lozenge snaffle bit is a double-jointed snaffle bit with a small oval-shaped lozenge at the center, which spreads pressure across the tongue evenly while taking pressure off the palate. These bits can also come in various types of nickel-free alloy materials that promote salivation in horses, encouraging them to relax through their jaw and poll.

Why use a bit with a lozenge?

Using a snaffle bit with a lozenge can be beneficial to horses that have larger tongues, low palates, or prefer a bit with less direct pressure on their palate. Lozenge snaffles can also be made from materials like sweet copper, sweet iron, and Sensogan, that encourage a horse to salivate, resulting in better acceptance of the bit and relaxation.

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