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Soaking & Ice Boots

Soaking and Ice Boots for Horses
Soaking and Ice Boots for Horses
Horse soaking boots and ice boots for horses provide therapeutic treatment to a horse’s injured leg or hoof. Whether your horse has developed an abscess, a stone bruise or another kind of injury, our assortment of horse soaking boots and ice boots help treat injuries. Shop brands like Ice Horse, Game Ready, Jacks Whirlpool, Dura-Tech, Pressure Ice, CoolAid, Step N Soak and more.
Dura-Tech® Cooling Gel Wrap
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5/A Baker Ice Boots
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Hoof Wraps Hoof Soaker
5 Colors
Jack's Ice Boots
41731_black.jpg image Jack's Ice Boots
41731_hunter.jpg image Jack's Ice Boots
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Jack's Ice Boots
Dura-Tech® Thermacool Hot/Cold Therapy Boots
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Jacks Whirlpool Boots With Compressor
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Ice Horse® Hoof Ice Boots
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Treating Horse Injuries with Soaking Boots & Ice Boots

With great advances in technology, design and efficiency, horse soaking boots and ice boots provide cold and or wet therapeutic treatment to injured horse’s legs and hooves.

Soaking boots allow the horse to stand in water and soak a foot or leg. In addition, some designs provide circulation to the water, acting like a whirlpool to help soothe and stimulate circulation.

Another type of horse soaking treatment includes a design that attaches to your hose and allows an even flow of water to pour down the leg. These designs are self-releasing, so they will detach if your horse spooks.

Ice horse boots are wraps or boots that help compress and hold ice packs in place. Ice boots come in a variety of models to cover horse’s hooves, hocks, cannon bones, fetlocks and more. Designs include whole wraps that can be put in the freezer or with insertable ice pack/pads for the freezer.

The most complete therapeutic design in horse soaking boots and ice boots are those that offer compression, cold and circulation all in one. 

Cold therapy systemslike Pressure-Ice® Active Compression Cold Therapy System with Leg Wraps reduces pain and swelling by providing deep penetrating cold and active compression. The cooling effect minimizes inflammation and acts as a mild analgesic. The cold active compression stimulates blood flow to the area, carrying oxygen to feed and heal damaged tissue. Completely portable, compact, and self-contained with no power cords to get in the way.  Just fit the surcingle to your horse and apply the wraps.

The Game Ready® Equine System is an advanced application of the RICE regimen (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation), a proven physical therapy principle used by human athletes. RICE can reduce pain, muscle spasms, tissue damage, and swelling, allowing for a quicker and better recovery. Until now, ice (cold) and compression have been the most difficult parts of the RICE regimen to administer to a horse, creating a treatment gap. Game Ready Equine effectively fills the treatment gap with its patented technology that simultaneously delivers dry cold and active compression to the horse.Shop now to view all other horse first aid

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