Soaking & Ice Boots

Soaking and Ice Boots for Horses
Soaking and Ice Boots for Horses
Pressure-Ice® Active Compression Cold Therapy System with Leg Wraps
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Dura-Tech® Cooling Gel Wrap
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Jacks Whirlpool Boots With Compressor
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Jacks Whirlpool Boots Without Compressor
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5/A Baker Ice Boots
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Ice Horse® Hoof Ice Boots
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Ice Horse® Stifle Ice Wraps
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Ice-Vibe Circulation Therapy
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Soaking & Ice Boots: Whether your horse has developed an abscess, a lost shoe, a stone bruise or another kind of injury, our equine soaking boots and hoof pads can help to effectively treat these unexpected occurrences. Horse hoof boots are also useful in preventing injuries. Use a hoof pad (equine style) to absorb shock and equalize pressure points.

Hoof Boots for Horses: You can keep wounds clean and dressings in place with a medical hoof boot, which can be used with overreach boots or?bell boots. There are Cavallo slim boots, regular boots, slim and regular soles, pastern wraps and simple boots that can relieve chronic pain and sensitivity, while providing protection. They're made from materials like genuine leather and soft leather foam, neoprene with VelcroTM fasteners, industrial grade nylon and Velcro and rust proof hardware, depending on the style. They have built-in drainage, and certain styles also offer relief for soles.

Horse Hoof Pads, Hoof Tape and Bandages: Hoof tape can be used to hold?medications and poultices?in place, while soaking boots are useful for either hot or cold soaks. Hoof pads absorb energy using advanced gel material, and hoof?bandages?are lightweight and compact, made with 2200 denier ballistic nylon and industrial stitching. Equine slippers provide a breathable, wraparound design to hold in medication. Gel pads stimulate the sole, bar and frog, and they provide cushioning and enhance circulation.

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