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Splint Boots

Splint Boots
Splint Boots
Protect your horse’s legs from splints and help support tendons with splint boots. Shop neoprene splint boots, leather splint boots, neoprene and pvc splint boots and more from top brands like Professional’s Choice, Woof Wear, Iconoclast, EquiFit and Dura-Tech!
Lemieux® Grafter Brushing Boots
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LeMieux® Grafter Brushing Boots
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 4 Reviews
Dura-Tech® All-Purpose Splint Boots - 4 Pack
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 2 Reviews
LeMieux® ProSport Support Boots
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LeMieux® ProSport Support Boots
The average rating for this product is 4 out of 5 stars 2 Reviews

Horse Splint Boots & Support Boots

Our protective horse boots prevent injury and provide support for your equine athlete. We have the best prices on your favorites from Professional's Choice®, Iconoclast®, Weaver, Woof Wear, Classic Equine®, Joseph Sterling®, Lami-Cell, Dura-Tech®, DSB, Eskadron®, Veredus®, Equilibrium, Majyk, and EquiFit®. Try our Dura-Tech® splint boots for a value you won't believe! Our selection includes English and Western style boots for a variety of different disciplines, in a collection of colors and patterns.

Splint boots, also called brushing boots, protect a horse's lower leg from injury that can occur during exercise, if a hoof or leg hits the opposite leg. Features of these include lightweight flexibility, built-in strike plate, hypoallergenic lining and waterproof design.

Splint boots most often are held to the horse’s legs with strong hook and loop closures to prevent slippage. The hook and loop closures go on the outside of the horse’s legs and close facing towards the hind legs.

The inner section of a splint boot contains the strike pad. The strike pad of the splint boot protects the fetlock and inside of the cannon bone from impact or brushing from other legs. The strike pad of the splint boot is often padded for more shock absorbing power.

SMB boots, also known as sports medicine boots or support boots for horses, are designed to protect your horse's legs from being injured by its other legs or objects such as jumps. They also help to prevent overstretching of the tendon. Materials include multilayered, ventilated neoprene and UltraShock lining, and certain models have an antimicrobial lining. Some styles include a higher front cut for proper fit with bell boots. Various colors and limited-edition designs are available.

Jumping boots protect your horse's legs during rigorous jump courses. They're typically made from strong yet lightweight material and may have strike pads for added protection for the inside of the horse's leg. They have a ventilated dual hardness outer shell, shock absorbing air cushion and a design that dissipates energy from any impact.

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