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Equestrian Riding Crops, Whips & Bats

Lunge whips. Dressage whips. Driving whips. Halter whips. Riding crops and bats. Training and schooling aid. Every discipline requires distinction. Exceptional quality and craftsmanship make our versatile selection the top choice of professionals around the country.

A traditional jumping bat with added flair that you’ll reach for every time you ride.

  • Perfect for training halter prospects
  • Braided polyethylene covered fiberglass core
  • 5 ½’ in length with a 2’ lash
  • 10” rubber grip handle with 10” braided popper
  • Black only
$23.99 $19.99

An elegant dressage whip with two-tone twist handle for added interest and grip.

  • Perfectly balanced and weighted for effective communication
  • Fiberglass core is covered with durable black braided nylon
  • 1”W x 2 ¼”L bat end with a 6 ½” textured non-slip rubber hand grip
  • Lightweight and has an attractive finish that lasts for years
  • 36” long
  • Black only
$23.99 $18.99
Horse Fare Snowbee Dressage Whip with Gel Handle

An extremely comfortable dressage whip to hold paired with it's designed to reduce fatigue, makes it perfect for long rides or if you have multiple horses to ride.

The FLECK Superflex whip is made with a superb and innovative design that is valued by Dressage riders around the world. Lightweight and perfectly balanced to help riders communicate with amazing precision.

Each whip is made in Germany with a solid fiberglass core with a woven nylon cover. The Superflex offers just the right amount of flex so riders can make contact when needed with very little hand movement. Soft rubber hand grip allows riders to keep a firm grip. USDF approved.

  • 110cm (43.5 in.)
  • 120cm (47.5 in.)
  • Black
$54.99 $46.99
  • Nicely balanced for optimal control
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Braided polyethylene covered fiberglass core
  • 6 ¾” textured non-slip rubber braid grip
  • 36” long with 6” popper
  • Black only
$16.99 $12.99
Dublin Brights Riding Crop

A fun and brightly colored riding crop is easy to find, should it be dropped, and adds a pop of color to your riding attire.

More Colors Available
Horse Fare Snowbee Dressage Whip with Leather Handle and Small Cap

This is a classic dressage whip with the option of a neutral colored handle to match your outfit at home or in the show ring.

More Colors Available

A dressage whip that’s lightweight but durable enough for everyday use.

Dublin Gel Handle Riding Crop

This nice and colorful crop’s gel handle is comfortable and conforms to your hand to reduce hand fatigue.

More Colors Available
Horse Fare Snowbee Dressage Whip with Non-Slip Handle and Reflective Thread Shaft

This nicely balanced dressage whip adds a splash of color with its reflective threading, while maintaining a nice feel in the hand.

More Colors Available

Equestrian Riding Crops, Whips & Bats

When your legs, voice and seat aren’t enough, a horse riding whip may be necessary for issuing commands. We carry the highest quality horse whips for every discipline and rider. A horse whip is mainly used as a secondary aid for giving directions or for encouraging movement. In the hands of a seasoned rider, they may also be used to admonish a horse for disobeying or refusing a directive, although whips should never be used for punishment. Schneiders horse crops, whips and bats are used by the top professionals when they need a distinct tool that is proven to work. We offer many exclusive horse whips as well as major brands such as Fleck and Wonder Whip.

Not only do different riding styles require different horse whips, but equine responses to this stimuli vary as well. But no matter which type you need, it is likely in stock at Sstack.com. Equestrian riding crops are the most common type of whip used for all-around riding, as their length allows for the precision of communication. Longer dressage training whips let the rider tap a horse for commands while leaving their hands on the reins, while shorter riding bats are used for schooling jumpers or barrel racers. We also have driving whips for signaling carriage horses, halter whips for the training and showing of Arabian halter horses and lunge whips for training.

Horse riding whips come in a variety of lengths and colors. Most models have a strong but flexible fiberglass core with a nylon or polyethylene covering, though you also get hard plastic horse whips if more rigidity is needed. Each one has a textured non-slip rubber handle for improved grip and some have a wrist loop to keep them from falling during a ride. With our exceptional service that comes from more than 70 years in the industry, you are certain to find the right riding whip at the lowest price.