Stall Guards, Gates, Signs, & Supplies

Stall Guards, Gates, Signs, and Supplies
Stall Guards, Gates, Signs, and Supplies
Easy-Up® Titan Stall Gates
$284.99 - $342.99
$199.99 - $239.99
Free Shipping
Easy-Up® Titan Stall Gate with Yoke - 52"
3 for $199.99 ea.
Easy-Up® Titan Horseshoe Stall Gate With Yoke - 52" Wide
3 for $199.99 ea.
3 Colors
Dura-Tech® Aisle Guard
14323_black.jpg image Dura-Tech® Aisle Guard
14323_green.jpg image Dura-Tech® Aisle Guard
14323_navy.jpg image
Dura-Tech® Aisle Guard
Easy-Up® Titan Miniature Horse Stall Gate
3 for $159.99 ea.
6 Colors
Formica Stall Plate 2" x 8"
10771_red.jpg image Formica Stall Plate 2" x 8"
10771_gold.jpg image Formica Stall Plate 2" x 8"
10771_blue.jpg image Formica Stall Plate 2" x 8"
10771_woodgrain.jpg image Formica Stall Plate 2" x 8"
10771_silver.jpg image Formica Stall Plate 2" x 8"
10771_black.jpg image
Formica Stall Plate 2" x 8"
Easy-Up® Titan Straight Stall Gate - 52" Wide
3 for $179.99 ea.
2 Colors
Dura-Tech® Deluxe Dura-Mesh Stall Guard
40283_black.jpg image Dura-Tech® Deluxe Dura-Mesh Stall Guard
40283_blueplaid.jpg image
Dura-Tech® Deluxe Dura-Mesh Stall Guard
2 Colors
Dura-Tech® Cordura Stall Guard
32078_black.jpg image Dura-Tech® Cordura Stall Guard
32078_navy.jpg image
Dura-Tech® Cordura Stall Guard
Brass Stall Plate

Stable Supplies for Comfort and Care: For the care and comfort of your horse, our expandable hose is a convenient way to keep the premises clean without the usual bulk of a large hose. We have lightweight, interlocking grooming mats that feature a slip-resistant surface and are easy to clean. Our equine scratchers let your horse scratch that itch whenever they need to, without irritating their skin. Box fan holders and supports let you easily mount a fan to keep both you and your horse comfortable in the stable during hot days. The Dura-Tech strainer and ice breaker allows you to break and remove ice in your horse's bucket in the winter months.

Stall Supplies - Horse Stall Gates: Schneiders has everything you need to properly equip your horse's stall for maximum comfort and safety. These highly affordable premium quality stall supplies help you expertly customize your horse's home. You'll find horse stall gates and horse stall signs and sign holders for important information and feeding charts. There are grooming mats, measuring sticks, horse feeders, tack racks, utility hooks, box fan holders, hoses and stall guards.

Stable Gear for Safety: We have a variety of safety equipment that's priced right for horse owners on a budget. Choose from Easy-Up® heavy-duty carbon steel stall gates or more lightweight durable vinyl coated polyester stall guards from Dura-Tech®, a smart alternative to traditional gates. Protect your horse from potentially harmful bacteria and viruses with biosecurity wash. Our electric fence charger safely controls horses and other livestock.

There are other stable supplies that make caring for your horse easier and more convenient, such as the StableHand®, which lets you fill bags with hay and other materials single-handedly, and tack racks, which keeps everything you need for your horse well-organized and close at hand.

Halter and Bridle Name Plates: Halter and bridle horse name plates come in various styles as well and different materials, such as brass and nickel. We have them in solid brass with scalloped edges and black etching, blunt edges or notched. Engrave them with one or two lines of text. They attach with rivets to the bridle breastplate, crown piece or martingale, or to a leather or nylon stable halter. There are also brass bridle and halter name tags in different sizes for briefer names up to eight characters. Schneiders treats you and your horse well, with these exquisite, high-quality name tags and name plates.

Elegant Horse Stall Name Plates: Our professional stall name plates are available in various colors of formica or in classy, stylish brass. Our etched horse stall plates are customizable by breed or discipline, in addition to quality engraving of the name, barn name or pedigree. They're made from heavy-duty aluminum. These can also be used for front doors or mailboxes for horse-related businesses, and they make great gifts. We also have solid brass stall plates and formica stall plates in different sizes and colors that include gold, silver, red, green, blue, black or wood grain. All styles feature custom engraving. Stall plate holders in silver or gold are available for framing and mounting the stall name plates.

Horse Name Plates for Saddles: We offer saddle name plates in a scalloped style with satin stainless finish and mounting hardware included. You can also choose a notched saddle name plate. Both can be customized with a line of text, in either script or block letters.

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