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Standing Wraps for Horses

Standing Wraps for Horses
Standing Wraps for Horses
Horse standing wraps, also called standing bandages, are typically made of a poly knit fabric that wraps around and secures quilts or leg wraps with varying thicknesses of fill, in place on the horse’s leg. Available in various lengths and colors, standing bandages are typically 6 inches wide with hook-and-loop closures in packages of 4. Leg quilts are sold in pairs in various heights and quilting patterns. Shop top brands like Dura-Tech, Wilker’s, Lettia, BB Satin and more.
Lux® Ceramic Therapy Quick Wraps
6 Colors
Dura-Tech® Standing Wraps
10621_royal.jpg image Dura-Tech® Standing Wraps
10621_navy.jpg image Dura-Tech® Standing Wraps
10621_black.jpg image Dura-Tech® Standing Wraps
10621_red.jpg image Dura-Tech® Standing Wraps
10621_burgundy.jpg image Dura-Tech® Standing Wraps
10621_green.jpg image
Dura-Tech® Standing Wraps
Dura-Tech® Quick No Bow Leg Wraps
$39.99 - $42.99
$27.99 - $29.99
Dura-Tech® Tekno-Dri® Breathable Quick Wraps
$49.99 - $59.99
Lemiuex® Stable Boots
41830_black.jpg image
LeMieux® Stable Boots
UltraFlex® No Bow Extra Support Wraps
$19.99 - $25.99
$13.99 - $17.99
2 Colors
Dura-Tech® Rapid-Wrap No Bow Leg Wraps
33448_black.jpg image Dura-Tech® Rapid-Wrap No Bow Leg Wraps
33448_navy.jpg image
Dura-Tech® Rapid-Wrap No Bow Leg Wraps
UltraFlex® Quilted Leg Wraps
$19.99 - $25.99
$13.99 - $17.99
Equine Copper Quick Wraps
$63.99 - $99.99
UltraFlex® Extra Puffy Quilted Leg Wraps
$28.99 - $34.99
$19.99 - $23.99

Standing Wraps & Bandages

The most basic bandage used on a horse is the standing wrap.  The standing bandage is typically 6 inches wide and made of a tough but slightly flexible poly knit fabric with hook and look closures at the ends to secure it in place.

The standing bandage and wrap are most commonly used in three ways on the horse. A standing wrap is made up of a cotton base quilted fabric, or "quilt" with a standing bandage to hold it in place.  It is applied to the horse’s lower leg and used for a support, circulation and to prevent "stocking-up" after working. It can be used dry or with liniment or other substances on the leg.

To help stimulate more blood flow in your horse’s leg, you can apply liniment before you apply the standing bandage quilt and wrap.

Quilted Leg Wraps for Horses

If your horse has an injury with inflammation a standing quilted leg wrap can go over a poultice. Standing bandages and wraps can also be used to sweat a leg.

It’s important to properly apply a standing wrap to the leg and keep the pressure even from top to bottom. It’s also important to keep the wrap and quilt free of wrinkles and creases.  Be sure the wrap is not so tight it cuts off circulation or so loose it falls down or off. Practice makes perfect.

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