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Starbar FlyRelief™ Disposable Fly Trap

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Starbar FlyRelief™ Disposable Fly Trap

The insecticide-free Starbar FlyRelief™ Disposable Fly Trap is perfect for hanging around barns or even in dog kennels. This disposable fly trap includes a built-in attractant and can hold up to 10,000 insects, reducing your fly population, which helps your horse remain comfortable. It is easy and convenient to use - just add water and hang the trap out of your animal's reach.

Directions for use: Pull up the trap's top by its tab until snapped into position. Hang the trap outside in a sunlit area of high fly concentration, where odors will not be a problem. For optimal effectiveness, the trap should be within four feet of the ground. The trap should be placed in a shaded area for best results in hot weather. In cooler weather, the trap should be placed in a sunny location. The attractant tube is inside the trap's bag and must not be removed. Hold the base of the attractant tube tightly with your thumb and forefinger, pointing the tube downward. Twist the tip of the spout until it snaps, allowing the attractant to pour out into the bag. Fill the trap's line to "fill line" by pouring clean water through the top of the trap. Agitate lightly to dispense the attractant.

Maintenance:Trap contents should be agitated at least twice weekly to wet all trapped flies thoroughly. Add water as necessary to keep the fluid level 1/2" below the surface of trapped flies, do not allow the trap to dry out. Without adequate agitation, fly larva may appear while a layer of dry, dead flies accumulate in the trap. When disposing of dead flies, place the trap in a trash bag, but be careful not to spill contents on your clothes or hands since it has a bad odor.

  • Insecticide-free disposable fly trap with built-in attractants
  • Can hold up to 10,000 flies or other insects
  • Easy and convenient to use - just add water and hang the trap up
  • Recommended for perimeter use around barns and kennels
  • Made in the USA

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