Stirrups, Irons & Stirrup Leathers

Stirrups and Stirrup Leathers
Stirrups and Stirrup Leathers
Horse stirrups help riders mount and provide them with comfort and support. Stirrups come in different styles for English and Western riders and are also available in quick-release styles for better safety. English stirrups are attached to the saddle with stirrup leathers. Top brands include Herm Sprenger, Wintec, Cashel, Billy Royal, Dura-Tech®and more.
2 Colors
FES Western Padded Stirrup with Silver Engraving
40707_silver.jpg image FES Western Padded Stirrup with Silver Engraving
40707_black.jpg image
FES Western Padded Stirrup with Silver Engraving
Peacock Stirrup Accessories
FES Stainless Steel Jointed Irons
FES SS Fillis Iron
Premier Leathers
$57.99 - $64.99
$39.99 - $44.99
2 Colors
Fillis Pads
37008_white.jpg image Fillis Pads
37008_black.jpg image
Fillis Pads
FES Black Steel Irons
2 Colors
Pinnacle Soft Leathers with Rivet Buckles 54"
34171_havana.jpg image Pinnacle Soft Leathers with Rivet Buckles 54"
34171_chestnut.jpg image
Pinnacle Soft Leathers with Rivet Buckles 54"
Total Saddle Fit Stability Jump Stirrups
41729_brown.jpg image
Total Saddle Fit Stability Jump Stirrups
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Horse Stirrups for Both English & Western Riding

Horse stirrups hang from the saddle, on stirrup leathers, for the rider’s foot to rest in. They help keep the rider comfortable and also help them mount. Although both the English and Western riders use stirrups their designs differ for each discipline.

English horse stirrup irons have evolved from the traditional Fillis iron to ones with easy release, jointed footbeds, offset and jointed designs.

Manufactured in varying grades of stainless steel, Fillis stirrup irons are the most traditional and are available in a range of prices. A Fillis iron’s classic appearance makes them popular in and out of the show ring.

Just as other pieces of horse tack have evolved, so has the stirrup. New stirrup designs have been made to benefit the rider’s comfort and position in the saddle.

Offset English stirrup irons and jointed stirrups irons are great examples. The offset stirrup iron places the eye of the stirrup skewed to the inside, not centered at the top, so the stirrup leathers lay flatter against the saddle, easing tension on the foot and ankle.

Jointed English stirrup irons have flexible sides, or branches, to the irons. These irons are able to flex with the rider’s foot and ankle and help to alleviate tension, absorb some shock and provide comfort to the rider's joints.

Quick release stirrups are intended to increase safety by preventing a rider's foot from being caught in the stirrup in the event of a fall. The most traditional form is the Peacock Safety Irons. This iron only has one branch or side and the other side is "closed" with a thick rubber ring/band. In the event of a fall, the rubber band breaks away and allows the foot to fall out of the stirrup. These stirrups are popular with riding schools, camps and beginner riders.

Western horse stirrups are manufactured in various shapes.

Western Bell Stirrups are suitable for general Western riding or showing. The western bell stirrup gets its name from its shape as they are shaped much like a bell. They are the most common western stirrup. Mostly constructed of wood covered in a light metal that is left plain but they can be constructed out of wood, metal, or plastic. If the stirrup is used in the show ring the metal can be decorated and engraved.

Curved Western Stirrup are used by reiners, trail riders, ropers, equitation riders, and barrel racers and come in many variations. In addition, they might be angled to provide rider comfort. They can also be angled a certain way to be safer for the rider. These stirrups can vary based on the discipline and trends of the discipline.

Oxbow Western Stirrup are used in general riding or showing. The oxbow western stirrup is another common western stirrup and are named for their round shape. Not suitable for long rides as the footrest is very narrow and will fatigue the rider. The oxbow stirrup styling can vary from plain to very ornate.

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