Stirrups, Irons & Stirrup Leathers

Stirrups and Stirrup Leathers
Stirrups and Stirrup Leathers
Stirrup leathers with the ready-to-ride broke in feel. Superior quality supple leather will easily match most saddles beautifully. Flat stainless steel buckles add comfort by eliminating bulk under the flap.
2 Colors
Pinnacle Soft Leathers with Rivet Buckles 54"
34171_havana.jpg image Pinnacle Soft Leathers with Rivet Buckles 54"
34171_chestnut.jpg image
Pinnacle Soft Leathers with Rivet Buckles 54"
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3 Colors
Joseph Sterling® Super Soft Riveted Leathers
30210_black.jpg image Joseph Sterling® Super Soft Riveted Leathers
30210_havana.jpg image Joseph Sterling® Super Soft Riveted Leathers
30210_chestnut.jpg image
Joseph Sterling® Super Soft Riveted Leathers
Nettles 2" The Duke Wooden Western Stirrups
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FES SS Fillis Iron
FES Stainless Steel Jointed Irons
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3 Colors
Pinnacle Leathers
18033_caramel.jpg image Pinnacle Leathers
18033_havana.jpg image Pinnacle Leathers
18033_chestnut.jpg image
Pinnacle Leathers
Herm Sprenger® Bow Balance Stirrups
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FES Black Steel Irons

Adjustable English Stirrup Leathers: Find the right English stirrup leathers for your next show or trail ride when you choose Schneiders Saddlery for your horse tack. Stirrup leather straps are a fundamental item for any discipline of English riding, as they extend the length between the saddle and stirrup irons so they hang far enough for a rider's legs to be comfortable. With leading brands such as Pinnacle, Joseph Sterling®, Schockemohle and Premier in stock, you're sure to find stirrup leathers that have the look and feel you desire. Schneiders has been making and selling quality stirrup leathers since 1948 and will assist you in finding the ones that meet your needs and budget.

Our stirrup leathers are supple with that already broke in feel and come in a variety of colors, widths and lengths. Choose from black or brown stirrup leathers that have numbered holes for adjustments and are easy to condition. Our nylon-lined stirrup leathers have a cozy feel and are reinforced with tough webbing to prevent stretching. For added durability with the classic look you desire, consider a pair of synthetic stirrup leathers that can handle the tough conditions of everyday riding without scratching the saddle flaps.

At Schneiders, you'll get the best prices on soft leather stirrup straps, Chantilly stirrup leathers, stirrup leathers for bevel saddles, children's stirrup leathers and other styles in the English tradition. Select stirrup leathers from Joseph Sterling, Pinnacle, Bates, Wintec and HDR. These leathers are crafted with the utmost detail and quality so riders can enjoy years of reliable use. Each one has a double-riveted stainless steel buckle with a flat low profile so the flap won't be bulky while riding. Order your next pair of leathers from and you'll receive a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee plus the lowest price.

Irons / Pads: Choosing the correct English stirrup iron is a matter of safety and discipline. Selecting the proper weight and width impact proper foot position for comfort, effectiveness and correct body form. Rubber tread, grater grip, sandpaper and angled pads.

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