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Stubben Bits

Stubben Bits
Stubben bits are a top choice for English horse bits when it comes to trusted bit brands. Stubben bits come in a variety of bit styles and mouthpieces, such as sweet copper, loose ring snaffles, and french link snaffles.

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Stubben Sweet Copper French Link O-Ring
Stubben Sweet Copper French Link Loose Ring
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 6 Reviews

Choosing the Best Stubben Horse Bit

Stubben horse bits offer quality from a long-standing and trusted brand for English riders. Stubben bits are typically made from stainless steel with some having a sweet copper mouthpiece that encourages horses to salivate, making it easier for them to accept the bit and relax through their jaw. Stubben bits are available in loose ring snaffles, french link snaffles, sweet copper, and other styles, making it easier to find that perfect bit for your horse!

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