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Enhance your training, lunging, or groundwork routine with a surcingle from Schneiders. Choose from our wide variety of styles and sizes to find the perfect surcingle for your horse.
Victor Supreme Gene Lacroix Multi-Ring Training Surcingle
Victor Supreme Gene Lacroix Multi-Ring Training Surcingle for Horses
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All About The Horse Surcingle

Surcingles are an important item for training green horses when trainers are hoping to use side reins, long lines, and sometimes draw reins. Surcingles go around the horse and have rings that long lines can go through before they connect to the horse's mouth. They have rings designed to connect to side reins. Surcingles can come in many styles and they can be synthetic, leather, or fabric. Some horse surcingle brands also have a fleece lining to increase the horse's comfort while they work.

Frequently Asked Questions About Surcingles

What is a surcingle used for?

A surcingle is used when training a green horse using long lines, side reins, or draw reins. Special Surcingles are also used when vaulting and driving. Surcingles and long lines make it possible to control both sides of the horse while they are being lunged or long-lined. The long lines go through the rings of the horse surcingle and they attach to the bit on both sides. When lunging, the far rein will come over the horse's back to maintain the connection, and when long-lining the rider will simply walk far behind the horse and hold the long lines like reins. This setup mimics what the horse will experience while being ridden since the long lines are independent of each other in both instances.

How do you put a surcingle on a horse?

The surcingle should fit snug just behind the withers of the horse, and the top of the surcingle should be about where your pommel would sit. You should tighten the surcingle the same way you would tighten a girth and 4 fingers should fit between the horse's elbow and the surcingle. To use long lines with the horse surcingle, organize the lines, string them through the rings on either side and then hold them in your hands when you lunge. The outside reins should go over the horse's back while they are being lunged to help keep the contact consistent.

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