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Tail Rx Kit

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Tail Rx Kit
  • 3 step regimen which together, works to unclog follicles, fortify the hair and re-energize circulation
  • Delivers vital benefits for horses with mane and tail growth problems
  • Maintains optimum hair health and condition during the average 4 to 7 year life span of equine hair
  • The three-step application takes 5 minutes
  • With recommended usage the product should last for the 3 month regimen


1. TailRx Cleanser
This revitalizing treatment works to exfoliate dead, dry skin from the tailbone. Fortified with fruit-based sugars (the same alpha hydroxy acids found in fine skincare products), and botanical enzymes, it goes deep into the follicle, ridding it of clogged skin cells and sebum.

2. TailRx Snap Proof Strengthener
A combination conditioner/strengthener, this gentle detangler contains silicones for shine and dirt repellency, as well as amino acids to increase elasticity and tensile strength (the degree to which a hair can be stretched before snapping.) As the life span of every hair is 4-7 years, it is vitally important to treat existing hair while promoting healthy hair growth. Snap Proof Strengthener is also formulated with a UV filter to help prevent color fade and block the internal damage of free radicals.


3. TailRx Leave-In Treatment
Formulated with a unique botanical extract blend, this essential third step helps to increase microcirculation and facilitate the flow of nutrients to the dermal papilla and bulb, giving cells what they need to form Keratin.


Product Benefits:

  • Gently exfoliates folilicle utilizing fruit based sugars and botanical enymes
  • Gets deep into hair follicle learing out clogged cell debris
  • Relieves itchiness
  • Increases circulation to promote cell renewal nutrition, and Keriatin formation
  • Strengthens hair up to 3x as strong
  • Contains UV filters to protect afasint color dading
  • Repels dirt and dust

The total treatment regime takes no more than 5 minutes, and is very easy to do.

1. Cleanse

  • Wet tail or mane
  • Apply approx 1oz of cleanser onto the base of the mane or dock of tail, and massage lather along entire tail bone
  • For more lather, add more water.
  • Use excess lather to cleanse tail hair or mane hair.
  • Rinse well

2. Strengthen

  • Work approx 1/2oz of Snap Proof onto mane or tail hair to release tangles and protect hair from daily brushing and damage.
  • Do not massage onto dock of tail, tail bone, or base of mane.
  • Rinse lightly.
  • *You CAN leave this product in for horse shows, or for added shine!

3. Treat

  • Using nozzle applicator, separate hair along tail bone or base of mane while applying approx 1oz of leave in treatment
  • Massage gently directly onto dock of tail and along entire tailbone, or along base of mane

You'll receive maximum benefits by following a treatment schedule. Week 1 provides the most intensive therapy, necessary to de-clog follicles and stimulate circulation.

  • Week 1: Three times a week
  • Week 2: Twice a week
  • Week 3-12: Once a week

Continue to apply weekly until you begin to see a noticeable improvement in the denseness, quality, and strength of the hair, usually three months. Each TAILRx product provides a three-month supply or 16 applications, if used according to recommendations. After that, re-stock and use TAILRx as a maintenance regime, at least two times a month, for fuller, shinier, healthier hair. Normal hair growth time is approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch per month.


If you'd like to try TailRx on yourself...

  • Use Step 1 as your shampoo, rinse well, then towel blot your hair
  • Apply a small amount of Step 3 directly on to your scalp, and massage in until it disappears.
  • Apply a few drops of Step 2 on to your hair, do not go close to your roots, and blow dry for a  brilliant shine, added strength (especially to color treated hair) and volume.


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