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Tom Thumb Bits

Tom Thumb Bits
Our Tom Thumb Bits are designed for enhancing communication between horse and rider. Select from our tom thumb western bits to help you train your green horse how to respond effectively to hand aids.

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Everything You Need to Know About Tom Thumb Bits

Tom Thumb Bits are designed to communicate with horses who are not obeying hand reins. The unique design is responsible for this, these bits have a jointed mouthpiece and long shanks on either side. The jointed mouthpiece can cause riders to assume this bit is mild, but it is not. When the reins are pulled the shanks cause the joint in the mouth piece to quickly rise and hit the roof of the horse's mouth. This can cause them to throw their head or rear if they are sensitive. However, when used by experienced riders, Tom Thumb Western Bits can be an effective training tool.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tom Thumb Bits

What kind of bit is a Tom Thumb?

The Tom Thumb bit is a type of leverage bit, typically used by Western riders. This means that the pressure the rider puts on the horse's mouth is multiplied due to the shanks of the bit. This bit is often mistaken for a snaffle because of the jointed mouthpiece.

What does a Tom Thumb bit do?

Tom thumb bits put pressure on the poll, bars, tongue, and roof of the horse’s mouth. Typically, this bit is used as a training bit for horses who do not obey rein aids.

What is a Tom Thumb bit good for?

Tom Thumb Bits are good for teaching horses how to obey rein aids. These bits are typically used by advanced riders for training purposes, and are not suitable for beginner riders or young riders who need more control. Ensure you have precise control over your hand aids if you choose to use this kind of bit.

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