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Tom Thumb Bits

Tom Thumb Bits
Tom Thumb Bits
Tom thumb bits for your Western horse. Quality stainless steel Tom Thumb Snaffle bits with swivel cheeks allowing each side of the bit to be worked individually. Well balanced and smooth Tom Thumb bits from top brand names like FES and Weaver.
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FES Tom Thumb Snaffle
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The Tom Thumb Bit – A Bit for the Well-Trained Western Horse

The Tom Thumb Bit, often referred to as a Western Snaffle or the Tom Thumb Snaffle, is a popular finishing and fine-tuning bit for the Western horse.

The mouthpiece of the Tom Thumb bit is like other snaffles, available in single or double-jointed styles. The Tom Thumb snaffle bit starts as a regular snaffle, applying direct pressure to the mouth, lips and to the bars of the horse’s mouth. With the addition of shanks however, the Tom Thumb bit moves beyond the regular snaffle motion by adding leverage action. It is for this reason the Tom Thumb is a bit on the severe end of the bitting scale.

The shanks on the Tom Thumb bit come in varying lengths. As with other leverage bits, the longer the shank, the harsher the bit. In addition to length of the shank options, Western riders also have the choose of swivel shanks or fixed on the Tom Thumb.

As a leverage shank bit, the Tom Thumb has curb strap or curb chain rings. Western riders should utilize a curb strap or chain to keep the Tom Thumb mouthpiece in the horse’s mouth correctly and keep it from rotating too far in the horse’s mouth which might cause damage.

Available in different mouthpiece styles, Tom Thumb snaffle bits are often found in smooth stainless steel, copper, rubber, with copper rollers and more. Specialty brands like Happy Mouth also make a Tom Thumb bit with their proprietary apple scented coating.

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