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Horse Trailer Ties

Horse Trailer Ties
Horse Trailer Ties
Keep your horse safe, secure and happy while in-transit with high-quality horse trailer ties from Schneiders. These stretchy ties safely absorb tension when pulled but feature quick-release panic straps for complete safety.
Dura-Tech® Rubber Pull and Tie
Dura-Tech® Extra Heavy Rubber Ties
$42.99 - $47.99
$29.99 - $32.99
3 Colors
Dura-Tech® Bungee Quick Release Trailer Tie
18151_black.jpg image Dura-Tech® Bungee Quick Release Trailer Tie
18151_green.jpg image Dura-Tech® Bungee Quick Release Trailer Tie
18151_darkblue.jpg image
Dura-Tech® Bungee Quick Release Trailer Tie
Dura-Tech® Basic Trailer Tie

Shop the Best Horse Trailer Ties

As you probably already know, properly securing your horse while in-transit is vital to a successful outing. The fact is that horses have a natural tendency to flee when they feel panicked or in danger, so it’s important to secure them to the trailer and create an environment that doesn’t trigger panic. We offer an expansive selection of Dura-Tech® trailer ties designed for home and travel use. They’re all made to provide the perfect level of security without limiting your horse’s movement to the point of panic.


Ideal for hot walkers or tying to stalls or trailers, Dura-Tech® stretch trailer ties are made from heavy-duty bungee material that safely absorbs tension when pulled and features a quick-release panic strap on one end. We also carry some adjustable trailer ties from Dura-Tech®, which feature a size-adjustable buckle on a heavy-duty nylon web strap for durability. Similarly, Dura-Tech® rubber ties offer enough give and shock absorbency to keep your horse safe while minimizing panic.

Simplify Trailering with Schneiders Horse Trailer Ties

At Schneiders, we know that trailering can be a major pain point for you and your horse, so we strive to offer great solutions that help you dread it less. Explore our entire selection for more great horse trailering supplies that will help you create a relaxed, secure and comfortable environment for your equine family members, no matter where you’re headed.

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