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Horse Trailer Accessories and Trailering Supplies

Horse Trailer Supplies
Horse Trailer Supplies
Transport your horse safely and comfortably with our top-quality horse trailer accessories and horse trailer supplies. You'll find steel trailer jacks, trailer window screens, tire wedges, water caddies, wheel chocks, and hay feeders from trusted brands.
2 Colors
Dura-Tech® Horseman's Utility Strap
10742_black.jpg image Dura-Tech® Horseman's Utility Strap
10742_navy.jpg image
Dura-Tech® Horseman's Utility Strap
6 for $3.99 ea.
Dura-Tech® Extra Heavy Rubber Ties
$42.99 - $47.99
$29.99 - $32.99
Gooseneck Hook-Up Helper
Rinsekit Plus
Free Shipping
Easy-Up® Steel Trailer Jack
Mid-Winter Sale
3 Colors
Dura-Tech® Bungee Quick Release Trailer Tie
18151_black.jpg image Dura-Tech® Bungee Quick Release Trailer Tie
18151_green.jpg image Dura-Tech® Bungee Quick Release Trailer Tie
18151_darkblue.jpg image
Dura-Tech® Bungee Quick Release Trailer Tie

Outfitting Your Horse Trailer with the Best Accessories

If you’ve ever traveled with your horse, you know how important it is to keep her feeling safe and relaxed while in transit. At the same time, you need to be sure your trailering equipment is properly maintained to avoid time-consuming repairs or accidents. This selection of horse trailer accessories and supplies from Schneiders will help ensure that your horse gets from point A to point B without incident.

To make the experience more enjoyable for your horse, it’s important that you make your trailer feel safe and comfortable for her. Schneiders has all the horse trailer accessories to do this, from comfortable click-together trailer flooring to window screens that provide your horses with a great view and extra ventilation. We also carry convenient wrap-around shipping boots and horse head bumpers to protect your equine from injury while you’re on the go.

Keeping a horse safe, secure and relaxed during transport, saddling and grooming is very important. Horses can become skittish when they get nervous or if they panic, and this is especially true while they're being transported. Use items like trailer window screens from Dura-Tech® to improve the air circulation inside trailers for the comfort and safety of your horses during hot months. These window screens are easy to install and fit most trailers and include necessary hardware. Choose from zippered or non-zippered styles.

Caring for the trailer itself and having the necessary supplies on hand is vital to ensuring that your horse is safe while traveling. With a heavy-duty trailer jack or trailer aid, you can easily and safely change flat tires on tandem trailers. Choose from steel or polymer construction. These are important tools to have, especially if you're traveling alone, and with these must-have devices, there is no need to unload horses to change a tire.

Simple but extremely durable and efficient, our tire wedges and wheel chocks keep trailers secure when they're not in use. Available in different sizes, these devices prevent trailers from rolling so that they can be safely unhitched at shows, during maintenance and while in storage. We have solid rubber wedges with grippers, heavy-duty lightweight plastic aids and durable, lightweight wheel docks that secure the trailer tongue. These can support up to 15,000 pounds.

Water Caddies, Cross Ties, Trailer Ties and More Horse Trailer Equipment

We have other essential equipment for those who spend a lot of time on the road with their horses. Never be without water with a 39-gallon or 48-gallon water caddy. Made from translucent plastic, these caddies let you easily monitor the water level, and they include shut-off valves. The Hook-Up Helper helps you easily hitch up your horse trailer. Our woven polypropylene mat is extremely durable and ideal for show stall set-ups and any heavy traffic areas, while the Dura-Tech® stable hand holds bags open for easy filling of hay, trash, yard waste and other materials.

Our selection of trailer ties, cross ties and overhead aisle ties are designed with the comfort and safety of your horse in mind. They have features such as quick release snaps. Among our Dura-Tech® cross ties, most models are adjustable, with quick-release panic snaps on one end. Prevent chewing and rope damage by choosing a model that features no-chew PVC pipe and unbreakable rope. There are cross ties that will fit most aisles, wash and groom stalls, plus nylon bungee stretch cord with fast-release panic snap and trigger snap. This material will absorb shock if the horse panics.

Rubber and chain cross ties are good for horses that like to chew, while the innovative 3-in-1 cross tie combines no-chew PVC pipe, bungee stretch cord and MCR. Multicellular rubber (MCR) is a material that provides cushioning and prevents chafing. Our trailer ties include basic models with panic snaps, heavy-duty bungee safety ties and durable nylon web trailer ties with nickel plated trigger snaps. Some models are available in different colors, while others are only available in black. Use them on hot walkers and for securing your horse inside or outside a stall or trailer. The trailer ties also include quick-release panic snaps.

Other equipment we have for securing horses includes the overhead aisle tie system, the rubber pull and tie (good for young horses) and Dura-Tech® tie rings, which help minimize panic and possible injury. As an alternative to traditional tying, we offer the fast, easy blocker tie ring with various tying options for different amounts of hold.

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